Out of all my hobbies electronics is my number one interest. I likes to experiment on both analog and digital electronics and specially interested about RF circuit design, construction and restoration projects. I publish most of my electronic circuit designs in my blog and also you can also find more details from electronic projects section of this site.

I start electronics in around 1994 and my interest has taken my hobby into combining electronics into computers, mobile phones and to internet.

I start my computer programming and hardware experiments with my Commodore 64 computer and then later move to IBM and clones.

Apart from designing and constructing electronic circuits I also restore antique electronic equipment such as radio receivers, reel-to-reel tape recorders, record players, amplifiers and test equipment. Most of the times I got those electronic equipment from local auction sites and through my friends. I like these restoration projects because most of these "old" electronic equipment are combined with some mechanical device(s) and restoring those mechanical things are really joyful.

Some of my restoration projects are listed in projects section of this site.