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  • jayakody2000lk at (primary e-mail)
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Please note that sometimes it take little time to answer your emails. This is because I might busy with some new project or due to workload of my day job. I do read all e-mails I receive (except spams, of course) and I try to respond to every message as soon as possible.

Amateur Radio Call Sign: 4S6DRJ

Instant Messaging

  • Jabber: dilshan at
  • Skype: d.r.jayakody
  • Google Talk: jayakody2000lk at
Phone: I'm always stay away from the phones.., the best way to contact me is an e-mail.

Maharagama - 10280, Sri Lanka

Dilshan Jayakody,
Jul 13, 2014, 10:13 AM