I'm Dilshan Ranmal Jayakody and from Maharagama, Sri Lanka (6°50'49.45 N, 79°55'17.217 E).

In my day job I work as software engineer and working on various video games and embedded systems projects. Besides my day job, I work on several open source hardware and software projects for fun. I have many hobbies and interests which including: computer programming, electronics amateur radio, astronomy and Meccano (/Erector) modeling.

Dilshan Jayakody

Apart from my main interests, I spend my leisure time by reading books and watching classical movies which are produced between 50’s and 90’s.

Anyway, I maintain separate page in this site to list down of all of my interests and hobbies :)

If you found any dead link(s) or problem(s) with the site, please send me the note. I have limited time to check all the links and pages regularly.