Queing Systems

Visel: TD2 Kit
The perfect kit to get your queing system up and running in a few minutes!
The TD2 Kit, is the perfect bundle for anyone who wants to install a complete queing system. The kit includes: 1 x TD2, 1 x TX, 1 x CART and 1 x DISPENSER. All in one box!

Visel: TD2
Electronic 2-digit LED display
The TD2 electronic 2-digit LED display has a housing in plastic ABS and come complete with a bracket for mounting on wall or ceiling. Many functions are already included: electronic sound tone, flashing numbers, reset, etc... Several TD2 displays can be connected together to show the same number and it also includes channel parameter to be able to install more units within the same building for different queing channels.

The ticket dispenser comes in ABS plastic housing and complete with accessories for mounting to wall or to a floor stand.

Visel: CONS2
2-Digit table-top console
The CONS2, a 2-digit table-top console comes in plastic ABS housing, includes a numeric keyboard and 2 buttons (+ and -). The CONS2 remote can be easily connected to a TD2 display by a standard phone cable.

Visel: VOICE2
Voice module for TD2
The VOICE2 comprises of a main unit and one speaker. The product includes a wide range of standard messages completely programmable according to the shop's environment - 'Delicatessen... Now serving Number...' or simply 'Now serving number...'.

Visel: CART
PVC ticket indicator sign
Large PVC ticket indicator sign to easily locate where to take your queing ticket comes with holes to fix to wall or to a floor stand.