Bizerba: S111
Basic tenderizer / strip slicer for preparing meat for refined salads and fried dishes.


The S 111 was designed with the emphasis on operator safety. Perfect all-round protection and astoundingly simple handling ensure fast, efficient and fatigue-free operation. The raised feed inlet prevents any possibility of hand contact with the knife disks.
The stainless steel receiving tray is detachable and simple to clean. The generously dimensioned outfeed area is accessible from three sides for optimum vision and access, and offers ideal clearance to allow “gastronorm trays” to be placed below or pushed through.
With its wide footprint, the S 111 is enormously stable and tilt-proof.
The closed, smooth surfaces of the S 111 permit fast, thorough and convenient cleaning. The cutting inserts come in two parts and can be quickly detached without special tools or screw connections for cleaning. The smooth, waterproof tactile keypad also offers substantial benefits in terms of hygiene.
Tried and tested, durable materials are used for the S 111, making it highly suitable for day-by-day continuous operation in your business.
The housing is made of stainless steel and is mounted on unbreakable feet made of modified polyamide.
Tenderizer insert S 011
This insert is designed specifically for tenderizing steaks and cutlets for flash frying. Guarantees shorter frying time for almost all types of cut, resulting in time savings and substantially lower energy consumption.
Slicer insert S 021
For the preparation of appetizing , fresh and tasty salads made of cold cooked meats or cheese, and for precise cutting of gyros, vegetables, cucumbers, mushrooms, fruit, onions etc...
The mechanical safety devices and the electrical installation are approved in compliance with EC Machine Directive no. 89/392/EEC for safety and hygiene by a certified test laboratory on the basis of type approval no. 94017 and safety tested with certificate no. 94046. The EC Declaration of Conformity contained in the operating instructions certifies compliance with the relevant regulations. The unit also features UL and CUL approval.