Bizerba: TE32
One of the important things to have is for example, minced meat carefully and properly cut. The meat is cut, not ground. The effect of this is that the meat has more volume, there is less heat generated and the meat stays cooler and therefore is free-flowing. Increased oxygen circulation keeps the meat fresher with less discolouration.Worm housing, worm and collar nut made of stainless steel. The turns of the worm housing and delivery screw are ideally matched to the rotational speed.
The innovative and flexible concept of the Bizerba TE32 
The drive system of the FW-N 22/82 is maintenance free and safe. It consists of a powerful three phase motor, a worm drive and a high efficiency 'belt drive'. The safety switch prevents the motor running after power cuts and thus gives the highest possible protection for the operator.
Cleaning and maintenance
Simple removal of the worm drive, worm and lock nut from the housing for cleaning.
Safety features
The TE32 mincer has been approved to European safety and hygiene machine regulations no. 89/392/EWG by an accredited testing facility. The EC conformity declaration included in the instruction manual certifies compliance with these regulations.