Itasca County Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
Headquarters: 809 NE 4th Street, Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Office phone: 218-326-6296
Chair's phone (Cyndy Martin): 218-259-8237

The Headquarters 
in Grand Rapids
has open hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
from 2-5 pm 
The Office and Resource Center has a library and campaign materials. It is the site of weekly DFL meetings.  Refer to our Activity Calendar; click on events for details as many have information fliers attached    

809 NE 4th St Grand Rapids MN 55744

Our Headquarters & Resource Center

Itasca County DFL has one of the few year round offices in the state of MN.  We work very hard to keep this space open and welcoming for Democrats, their candidates and politicians and any persons dropping by.  This comes with financial obligations.


We are always accepting donations for this space.  We can use coffee, paper plates, napkins, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and did I mention coffee??!!  Monetary gifts are welcome as well.  

We can always use the donation of time.  Sign up to work a shift at the office, make phone calls, or write letters.  Any and all are appreciated.  Thank you.

The success of Itasca County DFL depends on volunteers.  See our Volunteers web page to learn how you may serve and contribute.

Creating a Better Life for Itascans



Employment: a job for everyone who wants one. Economy: A strong climate for small businesses. Education: quality public education, affordable college tuition.  Safety: safe neighborhoods and streets.  Equal opportunity for all citizens.  Democracy: fair, open elections. Labor: the worker’s right to organize and bargain collectively.  Fair taxes: basic services at a fair price, progressive taxation based on means. Health Care: access to affordable health care.  Freedom of conscience, expression and worship.  Due process of law.  Equal access to justice and public services. Environment: a clean, safe environment.

Itasca County DFL is a local unit of Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota.  See the MN DFL website HERE.

We support USA Congressional District 8, MN Senate Districts 5 and 6, and MN House Districts 5A, 5B, and 6A. See our candidates on the Contact web page.

The unit includes an active Itasca Progressive Caucus and hosts various events for education, fundraising and DFL campaigns. See our Committees web page.


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