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Allah says to you, “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah! Those with him are violent against Unbelievers but merciful to one another.”


(Letter of invitation to Islam – Sirat Rasul Allah)

Ever wondered why some individuals fall prey to religious fanaticism? Is it a perversion of scriptures, by some obscure sect? Are such individuals inherently bad? Does Islam in reality teach the opposite of what we witness in the real world and is truly a religion of peace or are we being duped by apologists of the faith?

What exactly do the scriptures of Islam say about non-believers, their lands, culture and how to associate with them? Are Muslims taught to respect other religious beliefs or do the scriptures condemn infidels to death in this world and eternal suffering in the next? Are the lands of the non-believers to be appreciated for their culture and traditions or are they to be conquered for their supposed owner, Allah?

This website provides material in the form of direct scriptural references along with deeds of the Prophet Muhammad to enable intellectual debate concerning the foundations of the faith, and its intent for mankind. It reveals the sources, from scripture, that can be easily interpreted to endorse violence against non-believers, warrants to conquer un-Islamic lands and mandates for the subjugation of women and unbelievers.

In essence Islam is an ideology concocted in the seventh century by Muhammad as his instrument to rule Arabia with the ultimate vision of world domination. The scriptures details exactly how this is to be achieved and to this day it is still used as a basis for the establishment of Islam’s goal of a worldwide Caliphate (Islamic Governance).

Muhammad supposedly received revelations from Allah (God) through the angel Gabriel. He preached this message in Mecca, but was rejected by the people there. He migrated to Medina from where he began raiding caravans as a means of amassing wealth and military might. Once in a position of strength, he attacked the pagan and Jewish tribes in Arabia, confiscating their women, children and property and at times executing all the adult males. He eventually marched into Mecca with ten thousand men, warning that any who came out of their houses would be killed, and seized the city for Allah.

This trend continued after his death with the invasion of Syria, Palestine, Egypt, North Africa, Southern Europe to Spain, Iraq, Persia, Afghanistan, and India through to South East Asia. Throughout all these conquests, hundreds of millions suffered with many cultures destroyed, all in the name of Allah.

Islam in essence, when in the ascendency, can drive leaders to hunger for religious imperialism with their faithful subjects doing their bidding through jihad sanctioned by Allah, spreading an ideology that consents to subjugation and persecution of disbelievers, women and those choosing alternative lifestyles.

History has shown that wherever Islam ventures, it clashes with the native culture, until one or the other is defeated. The underlying philosophy of this doctirne is to spread the deen (religion) of Allah making all mankind Muslim and returning the entire earth to its rightful owner. Therefore, unless humanity awakens to and comprehends the realities of Islam and work to minimise its fundamentalist interpretations, defeating the extremist at the source, their scriptures, the dream of attaining peace and human rights for all earthlings will forever be an illusion.


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