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The following videos are intended to serve as educational modules of different topics in ethnobotany, ethnoecology and ethnobiological conservation. These videos were made for public educational use, please disseminate freely by linking to this page, or the individual pages within.
Collectively, these videos were originally released as a series of 13 DVDs which progressed in the information being discussed. Some institutions may still refer to them using that information, for this reason the ordering and disc titles have been maintained here. These were developed with the understanding that individuals and academic institutions would adopt wholly or in part video modules deemed relevant.
Although there is a core group responsible for video content and production, each video should be treated as a seperate production. Full credits to cast, crew, producers, references, and reviewers can be found within the content of each individual video. These should be used for any citations.
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Introduction to Ethnobotany Video Series

Disc 1     Introduction to Ethnobotany

01                 E Kāne-au-loli-ka-honua: Pule hōuluulu `ai

02                 Introduction: The Culture of Ethnobotany

03                 Guns, Germs & Steel

04                 Transported Landscapes

Disc 02  Plant Origins & Oceanic Cultures

05                 Origins of Plant Uses: Mythology as Truth

06                 Evolution of Pacific Cultures

07                 LapitaToolkits

08                 Crops in Pacific Island Cultures

09                 An Introductionto the Ethnobotany of the Canoe Plants: Five trees introduced from Polynesia

Disc 03  What’s Really for Dinner

10                 Wild Plant Foods

11                 Foraging: A documentary by David Strauch

12                 Origins of Agriculture

13                 Major World Crops

Disc 04  The Spice of Life

14                 Ethnobotany of Limu

15                 Cultural Diaspora and Culinary Ethnobotanical Knowledge

16                 Cultural Interactions with Spices and Herbs

Disc 05  I’ll Drink to That

17                 Stimulating Beverages: An Ethnobotanical History of Coffee & Chocolate

18                Alcoholic Beverages

19                 `awa & Cultural Conservation

Disc 06  Beyond the Rainbow

20                 Entering Another World

21                 Plants of the Gods part I

22                 Plants of the Gods part II

Disc 07  So Bitter, So Strong!

23                 Illness & Medicine in a Cultural Setting

24                 Making Sense of Plant Medicines: Exploring the Sensory Properties of Plant Therapies:A Kalimantan Example

25                 Herbal Remedies

26                 Medicinal Plants in the Hidden Land of Dolpo; Working with Himalayan Healers at SheyPhoksundo National Park, Nepal

Disc 08  Peaceful Warriors

27                 Polynesian Herbal Medicine

28                 Rotuman Traditional Medicine

29                 La`au Lapa`au: Traditional Hawaiian Herbal Healthcare

30                 Traditional Chinese Medicine

Disc 09  Maintaining the Beat

31                 Some Hawaiian Plants used in Hula

32                 Kuo Hina `e Hiapo: The Mulberry is White and Ready to Harvest

33                 Kapa/Tapa: Pacific Felted Bark Cloth

34                 Recollections of a Family Tradition of Bird-Catching

Disc 10  Why are Plants Useful?

35                 Why are Plants Useful? The Plants’ Side of Human-Plant Interactions

36                 What Makes Plants Waterproof?

37                 Taxonomy

Disc 11  Home is Where the Heart Is

38                 Ethnobotany & Architecture part I: Shelter & Cultural Identification

39                 Ethnobotany & Architecture part II: Architecture & Historic Buildings

40                 Ethnobotany of Traditional Hawaiian Housing Materials

41                 Home Gardens

Disc 12  Saving Culture = Saving the Earth

42                 Ethnoecology, Cultural Uses of Plants, and the Conservation of Biological Diversity

43                 Ethnobotany and Conservation in West Africa

44                 Carving a Future: 10 Lessons for Sustainable Woodcarving Enterprises

45                 Culture and Ecology in Micronesia: Plant use and forest conservation

Disc 13  Faith, Science & Plant Thoughts

46                 Ethnobotanical Ethics

47                 Ethnobotany & Religion: Plants in Buddhism

48                 Ethnobotany & Religion: Christianity and Plants

49           Moringa: The Miracle Tree

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