The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory is open for undergraduate student applications at the start of every academic year. 
The Laboratory also accepts qualified graduate student applicants capable of performing independent research.

Current Status: 

Currently accepting applications for membership!

Please visit NIP R401 or email for application details. 

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Undergraduate Student Applications

The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (IPL) accepts undergraduate applicants from regular third year BS Physics or BS Applied Physics students once every academic year. Older BS Physics or BS Applied Physics students who shifted from another course or transferred from another school are also eligible for application. All applicants must satisfy the following minimum academic requirements:

Academic Requirements (all should be met)
  • Should have finished all their Mathematics courses: Math 14/17, 53-55, and 121.1
  • Should have finished the first three Fundamental Physics courses: Physics 101-103
  • Should have finished the first two Mathematical Physics courses: Physics 111-112
  • Should be enrolled in the following courses: Physics 104 & 104.1, 113, 121, and 131

Interested applicants should wait for the official call for applications within June or July. The application process lasts for one month. New members are inducted into the Laboratory during the IPL Workshop, usually within August.

Graduate Student Applications

Graduate students of the National Institute of Physics (NIP) who conducted their undergraduate research work outside of the IPL can also apply for lateral entry into the IPL. 

A graduate student applicant should have finished the majority of his/her graduate core courses before applying. He/She should submit a formal letter of application, updated curriculum vitae, and proof of academic qualification (i.e. grades in graduate core courses) directly to the supervisor of the IPL Team he/she intends to join. Ideally, the student may also submit a proposal detailing the specific research problems he/she intends to tackle. The IPL supervisor will then assess the application based on the applicant's qualifications and the needs of his/her team. 

Graduate student applications are entertained any time within the Academic Year. However, after acceptance by the IPL supervisor, the formal induction as an IPL member will coincide with the immediately succeeding IPL Workshop.