Instrumentation Physics Laboratory

The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory currently has 6 full-time Ph.D. faculty supervising 50 student members (8 Ph.D., 13 M.S., 29 BS) under 4 research subgroups. 

The senior members and alumni of the IPL during the IPL Workshop 2014.


Research at the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory is led by Principal Investigators with the following interests:
  • Dr. Maricor Soriano heads the Video and Image Processing (VIP) group which develops instrumentation and algorithms to analyse signals, images and video from multidisciplinary domains such as marine science, arts and heritage, medicine, and sports. 
  • The group headed by Dr. May Lim (Complex System Team) investigates sociotechnical systems that are rich in empirical data. The group is actively involved in data mining social media, agent-based modeling of ecological systems, agent-based modeling of vehicular traffic, and analyzing complex networks.
  • The group headed by Dr. Johnrob Bantang (Complexity Science Group) investigates biological systems and granular materials from a complex system perspective. The group also looks into the use of network models in analyzing complex system dynamics such as epidemic spreading and other dynamics related to social structure. 
  • Dr. Giovanni Tapang heads the Synchronization and BioOptics group. Synchronization looks into patterns and synchronization in historical records, literature and real signals. 
  • Dr. Caesar Saloma and Dr. Giovanni Tapang head the Optics and Photonics research of group doing work in Brownian motion, microscopy and microfabrication. 


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For additional inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Johnrob Bantang
Program Coordinator
Instrumentation Physics Laboratory

National Institute of Physics
University of the Philippines
Diliman 1101 Quezon City