Welcome to the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory

Second Semester AY 2021-2022

Instrumentation physics, laser physics, and fields & particles (theoretical physics) were the three research programs of particular concern when the National Institute of Physics was established in 1983 as a constituent unit of the College of Science, University of the Philippines Diliman. The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (IPL) is where most of the instrumentation physics research initiatives in NIP are being carried out. Through the years the IPL has produced many PhD, MS and BS graduates in applied physics or physics who are now independent researchers and academics or technology innovators and entrepreneurs in the public and private sector. The IPL faculty and students are doing scientific research in a wide range of topics from optical instrumentation, photonics, signal & image data processing, complex adaptive systems, neural networks & machine learning, and the Philippine scientific enterprise system.


The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory is now accepting applications for membership from incoming 3rd year BS Physics/Applied Physics students of UP Diliman.

Deadline for submission of the application form and all required documents is on July 23, 2022 (Saturday).

Access the application form here: bit.ly/IPLAppForm2022.

For any questions or concerns, you may message us on our Facebook page or email us at ipl.appprocess@gmail.com.


Are you interested in knowing more about our current research and our study fields? Then join us this 21 July 2022, Thursday, 2:00-3:30 pm, in our virtual open house of the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory! Get to hear from the different groups, faculty, and members and their fields of interest.

The open house is open to all NIP students, regardless of year level.

Register here: bit.ly/IPLOpenHouse2022


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