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The Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (IPL) is one of the research laboratories in the National Institute of PhysicsCollege of ScienceUniversity of the Philippines Diliman. The main research concerns of the IPL are in the fields of optics and photonicsvideo and image processing, and complex systems in nature and society. We employ experimental approaches and mathematical modeling to address real-world problems of practical importance. Our laboratory promotes an atmosphere of learning and collaboration among teachers, graduate, and undergraduate students in building a scientific tradition in the Philippines.

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  • C Saloma, GJ Perez, CA Gavile, JJ Ick-Joson, and C Palmes-Saloma, Prior individual training and self-organized queuing during group emergency escape of mice from water pool, PLOS ONE DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0118508 (2015). 

Prof. Caesar Saloma


Prof. Caesar Saloma
of the Instrumentation Physics Laboratory (IPL) is one of the recipients of this year's UP President Edgardo J. Angara (UPPEJA) Fellowship Award. 

Works of IPL researchers have been featured in national and international news.


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