by Rev James Jones

by Rev James Jones

The distance between poverty and wealth on this planet is so vast, only an oppression of gigantic proportions would be able to keep a global rebellion from occurring -Rev James

Morality comes from the fact there is no god. You are liable for what you do in your life. -Rev James

If you read a book seeking knowledge, make sure the author(s) knew the world was round and orbits the sun. -Rev James

Growth takes time and can be lost rapidly and violently. Yet it is often required to produce change. -Rev James

We experience small units of time. -Rev James

Want to put yourself in a immigrants shoes. Try walking from where you live to Texas to find out when you get there, you're illegal. -Rev James

"We weren't meant to save the Earth. We were meant to leave it." from Interstellar

Knowledge Is Power -Rev James

There is no when. There is only now. -Rev James

Through out most of mankinds history, we were naked. -Rev James

Your thoughts create you. -Rev James

"A brain with a golf ball size understanding, has a golf ball size wakefulness."

Morals come from the fact that forgiveness is an intangible object. If you break or destroy something, 100 years after your dead and gone , it's still broke. -Rev James

Laws based on morals ignore mankinds real threats. -Rev James

Keep yourself. You are more important than anything else. #YouMatter

Plan your life like a road trip otherwise you'll get lost. -Rev James

If people gather likes molecules seeking their own kind and find cliques. Not fitting in only means your molecular structure is divergent, unique and independent. -Rev James

Society has reached a technological level where it no longer requires representatives. We can create bills and vote ourselves.

Imagine that. -Rev James

When your media lies,

your ignorant.

When your politicians lie,

your a slave.

-Rev James

There was an awakening among some of us.

A certain consciousness of our surroundings.

That moment when we became aware.

We are one people, one planet, one being.

What side are you on?

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