What is BaSED?

Based is the acronym we have chosen for the four tenets that we feel represent what should be the foundation of education.

It stands for:

Behavior (and) Science, Exploration, Data

The majority of educational systems serve to train our children for a work-a-day schedule and the menial, thoughtless work that comes along with it. It has served well for a few decades now, but our current society demands more from us; our society is floundering.

Some children manage to thrive despite the odds, but we can do better by them.

B is for Behavior!

Behavior will start with the youngest children, showing how to be respectful and kind. Sharing, small chores and learning empathy and will grow with the child as they progress, not in age, but in ability. The end goal here is to show what civic duty should look like and how to be a productive member of society. This will also lean into psychology and how to interact in different social settings.

S is for Science!

Clearly this will cover a lot of topics, but we want to do everything we are able to encourage a scientific viewpoint that is open to change and criticism. We intend to offer a wide variety of traditional subjects such as math and astronomy but intend to develop classes that teach scientific method as theory and learning how to apply it in daily life.

E is for Exploration!

We feel that a sense of adventure is key to any human. We all have a thirst for exploration inside of us as proof of our nomadic heritage, and what better way to find out more about our world than being out in it. Our kids will have the opportunity to get out in the world via field trips, daily outside time and physical health courses.

D is for Data!

This may seem like a little bit of an outlier, or that it maybe should go in with science, but we feel that data needs an extra focus. Data, to us, stands for being aware of all of the knowledge we have gathered to this point and learning to utilize it in new ways. We want for our students to understand that they have a wealth at their fingertips that only needs to be examined in new ways to make so many new discoveries. We hope to help them develop the tools and networks they need to do this.