About Us

I'm the Rev James B Jones, founder of The Institute Of Progressive Thinkers. Father, husband and a concerned citizen about our children's future. Born in Central Texas and graduating from a private Christian school I was raised on a farm. My father was a custom harvester. We traveled seasonally across the Southern US and the through Central North America. At fifteen I was a youth minister. Performing sermons and singing gospels in a duo. All the while I was in a teenage Southern rock garage band. My natural course in life was to become a farmer and Minister but there was a problem. I'm an abductee, so I spent the rest of my life searching for the truth around me. I never once encountered a demon or an angel. Never once did God whisper in my brain. What I found was I wasn't the only one. So from that moment on forward I would only seek the truth.

The importance of leaving behind the truth is detrimental to our children's future. If any margin of mankind is to survive as a species then we need to know how and pass this knowledge along to our children and grandchildren.

Instead of testing our children every six months we should ask them to conduct an experiment they choose. Letting them learn and discover at their own pace. The experiments they chose will naturally lead them towards their own interest and abilities. Releasing them from the confines of social and ideological constructs allowing them to be who they are.

By allowing our children to decide their own path to knowledge we will find the best of their capabilities and desires as tiny humans trying to become who they really are. Instead of who society wants them to be. Without religious are political constraints to bind them to preconceived beliefs they will be able to flourish as natural human beings. This is my goal to further humans in a natural evolutionary context. We are all apart of whats going on in the universe that we are yet to fully understand. Our children are our our only hope to pass on the knowledge of what's really happening to us through the experience of our lives. Now it's time to take it in our own hands.