Critical Thinking Skills

"Learn How To Learn." -Rev James Jones

"London is not in the same place yesterday at noon as it is today at noon except for using the Earth's surface as reference.

As far as space-time is concerned it's about 1.5 million miles from where it was a day ago,

because the Earth is going around the Sun which is traveling.

And even if you compare London's location today with where it will be exactly one orbit around the sun later,

London will then be about 4.5 trillion miles from where it was the year before because the entire solar system is going around the center of the galaxy and the entire galaxy is on the move, headed toward the Andromeda galaxy." -Rev James

wise knowledgeful artist

If you create a plasma ball is space it does this

Why does energy and matter act the same way? That's why you're here. To help us find out why. Without you, the youth of a new ideology. A new way of seeing the world. We wouldn't be here. Thank you, the eye's that gaze upon our future. Why? Is what your parents will ask you! Instead of two year old you asking the same. You'll give them answers they never knew they would hear. You are the only path to the future. That being said, I ask you, why does creating a ball of plasma in space do this?

Without exploring the history and causation of every religion we don't truly know what they mean. That is the essence of the scientific formula on a human scale

A study in old religions could unfold so many secrets that the fundamental aspects of the universe it'self could be found. We don't know unless we look. Are creationism and science both right?