Susana Cardoso de Freitas
Susana Isabel Pinheiro Cardoso de Freitas received her Ph.D in Physics from Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon) in 2002. Her thesis topic consisted on developing GMR and tunnel junctions materials for non-volatile memories and magnetic read head prototypes. Between 2002-2006, she was a post-doctoral fellow at INESC-MN where she worked on magnetic thin films by ion beam deposition. Since 2014, she has been an Associated Professor in the Physics Department at the Instituto Superior Técnico. She is presently a group leader at INESC Microsystems and Nanotechnologies. Her current research interests include thin film deposition by Ion Beam on 200mm wafers, spin-dependent tunnelling junctions, non-volatile memories, magnetic multilayers, and thin film optimization for biosensors and low magnetic field detection.