Microfluidics Lab

Fabrication of MICROFLUIDICS chips, platforms and probes
Design | Simulation | Prototyping

INESC MN offers small-to-medium volume microfabrication techniques for manipulation and analysis of biological flows in sub-millimeter dimensions

Access to these facilities is provided via TRAINING, EXTERNAL SERVICE and/or PROTOCOLS FOR REGULAR USER ACCESS


    • Micro/nanofabrication of thin films

    • Deposition and etching (Au, Ta, Ru, MgO, Al, SiN, graphene, etc)

    • Optical (Laser, UV) and Electron beam lithographies

    • CNC micromilling and micromachining

    • 3D printing - fused filament

    • CAD design

    • Hardmask fabrication (Optical glass and Aluminum thin film)

    • UV/Oxygen surface cleaning

    • Solvent and Plasma Bonding - PDMS-Si, glass-plastic, etc

    • Fluorescence Microscopy

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

  • Bioimaging

  • Precision liquid pumping

  • Precision nano/picoliter spotting

  • Flow, Sensor and Material Simulation

    • Photoresist (SU-8, AZ, etc) and Epoxy molding

    • Silicon, Glass, Elastomeric (PDMS, Ecoflex, etc), Plastic (COC, polyimide, etc), Metal (duralumin, copper, etc) microchannel fabrication

    • Soft lithography (PDMS, ecoflex, etc)

    • Mold replication

    • Micro/Nano structuring of surfaces and surface modification

    • Magnetic, Electrical, Optical and Thermal actuation

    • Sharp and Fexible needles

    • Microwells for cell culture

    • Microelectrophoresis

    • Lateral flow chips

    • Microarrays for nano/picoliter spotting

    • Droplet microfluidics

    • Lab-on-a-chip and Chip-in-Lab

    • Organ-On-a-Chip

· Sensor development and integration | Cleanroom Class 10/100/10000 ·

Standards for Microfluidics

Research Projects

  • MFMET - Establishing Metrology Standards in Microfluidic Devices. link

Papers in Scientific Journals

  • V. Silverio, S. Guha, A. Keiser, R. Natu, D.R. Reyes, H. van Heeren, N. Verplanck, L.H. Herbertson (2022) Overcoming Technological Barriers in Microfluidics: Leakage Testing. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, Manuscript ID: 958582, https://doi.org/10.3389/fbioe.2022.958582

  • D.R. Reyes, H. van Heeren. Proceedings of the first workshop on standards for microfluidics. Journal of Resesearch of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 124 (2019) 124001, https://doi.org/10.6028/jres.124.001

  • H. van Heeren. Standards for connecting microfluidic devices? Lab on a Chip, 12 (2012) 1022–1025, https://doi.org/10.1039/C2LC20937C

Articles in the News

  • H. van Heeren, V. Silverio, C. Pecnik, E. Batista. Metrology Challenges for Microfluidics. Commercial Micro Manufacturing Magazine, April 13, 2022. link

White papers for the Industry - The Microfluidics Association

  • van Heeren H, Davies M, Keiser A, Lagrauw R, Reyes DR, Silverio V, Verplanck N (May 2022) Protocols for leakage testing [White paper]. link

  • Microfluidic Vocabulary, version 5.0 (May 2019). link

  • Guidelines for Electrical Interconnections to Microfluidic Devices, version 1.0 (Oct 2017). link

  • Design for Microfluidic Interfacing, White Paper, Part 1, Version 3.0 (Jun 2017). link

  • Design for Microfluidic Interfacing, White Paper, Part 2, Version 3.0 (Jun 2017). link

  • Design Guidelines for Microfluidic Side Connect, version 1.0 (Jun 2017). link

  • Microfluidic Vocabulary, version 4.0 (Sept 2017). link

ISO Standards - International Organization for Standardization

  • ISO 22916:2022 Microfluidic devices — Interoperability requirements for dimensions, connections and initial device classification. link

  • ISO/AWI TS 6417 Microfluidic pumps — Symbols and performance communication. link

  • IWA 23:2016 Interoperability of microfluidic devices — Guidelines for pitch spacing dimensions and initial device classification. link

  • ISO/CD 10991 Micro process engineering — Vocabulary. link

Workshops on Microfluidics Standards

  • Putting Science into Standards (2021), European Commission Joint Research Centre and the European Standardization Organizations CEN and CENELEC , 28 – 29 April, Virtual, link, link

  • 6th Microfluidics Standards Workshop: De-Risking Microfluidic Product Development, October 9 & 10, 2019, Coronado, CA, USA, link

  • 5th Workshop on Microfluidics Standards (2019), INESC MN, 26 – 27 March, Lisboa Portugal, link, link

  • 4th Workshop on Microfluidics Standards (2018), METAS, 11 – 12 July, Bern, Switzerland, link

  • 3rd Workshop on Microfluidics Standards (2018), CEA LETI, 6 – 7 March, Grenoble, France, link, link

  • 2nd Workshop on Microfluidics Standards (2017), Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2017, 22 – 26 October, Georgia, USA, link

  • 1st Workshop on Microfluidics Standards (2017), NIST, 1 – 2 June, Maryland, USA, link

  • Microfluidic Standardization (2016), International MicroNanoConference 2016, 13 December, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, link, link