INESC Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias is a private, non-profit Research and Development Institute created in January, 2002 from the former Solid State Technology group of INESC. Since January 2008, INESC MN coordinates the Associated Laboratory - Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IN) -  to work in the emerging fields of Nanotechnology, BioNanotechnology and Nanosciences. 

INESC MN is dedicated to leading edge research and development in strategic technological areas of micro- and nanotechnologies and the application of these technologies to electronic, biological and biomedical devices. INESC-MN research work shares the laboratory and class 100/10 clean room facilities used for student training. The group’s mission is to provide advanced training to undergraduated, graduated students and researchers at Master, PhD and post-doctoral levels, acting as a bridge between the Technical Engineering School (IST, Lisbon) and industrial partners worldwide. INESC-MN also offers transfer of technology to both Portuguese and international industries through collaborative research, contract research, prototyping and consulting.