Welcome to INDMUN!

This is the IND MUN debate club website. Accordingly, you will be able to find information about weekly meetings, upcoming conferences as well as all things MUN-related. Please feel free to have a look around the website and check out each section for more information.

Our MUN organisation believes in promoting debating and extending its practice to as many members as possible, this is why, this year, we are encouraging any new delegates wishing to give MUN a chance to come to one of our weekly wednesday meetings at 12:45. We are also planning on upholding tradition and organising our yearly conference as well as other projects during the year.

Contact Information

For information on MUN and the conference in general: Aidan Liotard and Noé Amiel - indmuncontact1@gmail.com

For information on MFNU (Modèle Francophone des Nations Unies) - Pour de l'information sur le MFNU: Raphaël Bocarra et Adèle Roumhillac : mfnu.ind01@gmail.com