Imagine for Margo

What is Imagine For Margo?

On the 7th June 2010, after 16 months of harsh battle, Margaux Blanc, our classmate, died of a brain tumor.However, she did not spend this year and a half in her bed, waiting for the death to come. Instead, she chose to fight not only her cancer, but also she chose to also fight for the lives of all the other children who suffer from cancer by raising money for cancer research. Between August 2009 and November 2011, she carried out the biggest private online fund-raising event in France, raising 103 335 €, for the pediatric oncology research team at the l’Institut Gustave Roussy in Villejuif.

Since, the organisation "Imagine For Margo" has continued Margo's mission, organizing sport events such as "Running for Margo", "Sailing for Margo", etc. The money raised from such events go towards pediatric cancer research. While cancer research is common, funding remains low for pediatric forms of cancer.

Fundraising for Imagine For Margo

Margaux was our classmate and her struggle against cancer touched us all. This is why we are committed to giving all profits raised from selling refreshments at INDMUN to Imagine for Margo. Last year, we collected a total of €500, and we hope to raise even more in 2018 !

Imagine for Margo is currently funding the European research programme named VINILO, which, by the end of the year, will care for over 150 children suffering from low grade gliomes, a common brain tumor found in children.

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