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These are primary source materials. Look under Secondary Sources for important but not original source materials.

Rene Alleau, Le origini occulte del nazismo (2006) - Italian translation of French original.
Annalles Historiques de Revolution Francaise  - one article opens but can use to access others from this journal
Sebastian Brunner,  Die Mysteries der Aufklaerung in Oesterreich 1770-1800 (Mainz: 1869) - p. 35 mixed list of Illuminati by Bavaria
Barberi/Cagliostro, Compendio de la Vita (1791)
Barberi/Cagliostro, The Life of Joseph Balsamo (1791). (This was deliberately altered in translation by Cagliostro's friends to eliminate all references to Illuminati.)
Cagliostro, Memorial or Brief for the Comte de Cagliosto in the ...cause of Cardinal de Rohan (Jan. 1786)
Una Birch aka Pope Hennesy, Secret Societies and the French Revolution (1911).
J.C. Bode, Journal von einer Reise von Weimar nach Frankreich im Jahr 1787 [Diary of Travels...1787] (1787)
Boettiger, Letter to Editor of Monthly Magazine of 1799 to refute Barruel - exact page.
Nicolas de Bonneville, L'Esprit Des Religions (1791)
Nicolas de Bonneville, L'Esprit Des Religions (1792)
Nicolas de Bonneville, Les Jesuites Chasses de la Maconerrie et Leur Brissard Prise par les Macons [Gallica] - (1788)
Nicolas de Bonneville, Bouche de Fer (April 8, 1791) - quotes Mirabeau's 1788 treatise on Illuminati (On the Prussian Monarchy)
Brissot, Researches sur la Droit de Propriete (1780) - advocates clearly communism and abolition of right of property. Led France 1792
Filippo Buonarroti, History of the Conspiracy of Equals (1836).
Filippo Buonarroti, Histoire de la conspiration pour l'egalite dit Babeuf (1850)
Anacharsis Cloots, La Republique Universelle (1792)
Custine, Mémoires posthumes du général françois, comte de Custine (Frankfurt & Hambourg: 1794) - General's use of Illuminati to take Mainz
De Luchet, Essai sur la Secte des Illumines (Paris: 1789) - 2d edition.
Leopold Engel, Geschichte des Illuminaten-ordens (1906) - Engel sought to revive the Order. Used archive materials.
Gochausen, Enthullung des Systems de Weltburger Republic (1786) - first critique of Illuminati cosmopolitanism
Adolph Knigge, Peter Clausen (1793) (English) Vol. I - pages discussing secret societies / utopian novel
Adolph Knigge, Peter Clausen (1793) (English) Vol. II.
Par un Ancien Illumine, Des sociétés secrètes en Allemagne, et en d'autres contrées (1819). Admits earlier role, but
assures all that Illuminati now defunct. Important book to consider for its objectivity and its defenses of true Illuminati.
Wolfgang Menzel, 'Nationalism & Cosmopolitanism," American Eclectic 1842 -- in depth historical study of Illuminati of Bavaria trans. into English
Mirabeau, De La Monarchie Prussienne (1788) - pages discussing Wilhemsbad & Templars
Mirabeau, De La Monarchie Prussienne (1788) - pages discussing Illuminati of Bavaria
Mirabeau, Sur l'Ordre de Cincinnatus (1786) - book designed to attack G. Washington -- hired by Benjamin Franklin
Mirabeau, Sur Cagliostro et Lavater (1786) - book that exposes Cagliostro written in 1785
J.J. Mounier, On the Influence Attributed to Philosophers, Freemasons & Illuminati on the Revolution of France (1801).[Kessinger edition]
Nesta Webster, World Revolution (1921) - unfortunate overgeneralizations and misdirected sympathizer later of Nazis but does have some useful data.
Crabb Robinson, Diary, Reminiscences of Henry Crabb Robinson (1869) -- pages of his interview with A. Weishaupt
R.B. Rose, Gracchus Babeuf: The First Revolutionary Communist (1978)
Schiller, Correspondence of Schiller to Korner - exact page of letter of September 1787 on Bode's depiction of Paris trip
Hermann Schüttler Illuminaten-Orden
Vernon Stauffer, New England and the Bavarian Illuminati (1918).
Horace Walpole, The Letters of Horace Walpole (1904) Vol. VI  page from 1765 saying plan of revolution by philosophers
Weishaupt, Original Writings of the Illuminati (1787) - seized writings - page link discussing or link to book online
Weishaupt, Nachtrag von Weitern Originalschriften (1787) - seized writings - Heidelberg University - viewer online only. You can download each page as jpgs. To links to all Heidelberg's books, see this link.
Arthur Young, The Example of France: A Warning to Britain (1794)