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The Illuminati Manifesto of World Revolution (1792): L'Esprit des Religions by Nicolas Bonneville, edited and introduced by Marco di Luchetti.

As of October 2011, I have now released my translation of L'Esprit des Religions (1792) by Nicholas Bonneville with a thorough discussion of the Bavarian Illuminati in the French Revolution. To purchase a print copy, visit our Amazon's CreateSpace store at this Store link. Or visit our Amazon bookstore. To purchase a Kindle version for $9.99, follow this Amazon link.

With the translation comes a 207 page preface and 170 pages of Appendices. These portions demonstrate the Bavarian Illuminati connection to the French Revolutions of 1789 and 1792, and the true aims of the French branch under Nicholas Bonneville. 

The Cercle Social of France under Bonneville is shown to be the Illuminati counterpart of the German Union founded by the Illuminati chief, Bode (successor to Weishaupt), which connection is discussed at pages 164-176.

The appendices provide translations of many works published by the Cercle Social between 1789 and 1794 -- the Illuminati by another name at Paris as of 1789. Among these pamphlets are Brissot, To the Republicans (1792) at 228-232, Bancal, To Anarchisis Cloots (1794) - favoring a world confederative republic, at pages 260-265, but opposing world government as envisioned by Cloots as potentially tyrannical; Bancal's New Social Order (1792) at pages 265-273; Latouche, On Subsistences (1792) at pages 307-313, favoring laissez faire and opposing price controls; Marechal's Correctif to the Revolution (1793) at pages 313-32, proposing a world without government or laws. 

There is also stunningly new revelations by fresh research on the connection of 
  • Dr. Mesmer to Weishaupt directly and to the Bavarian Illuminati which in turn further links Brissot, leader of the August 1792 revolution, to the Illuminati (pages 215-224); 
  • The Amis Reunis lodge of Paris and its direct link to the Lodge Theodore of Weishaupt at Munich -- the Illuminati's head lodge (pages 246-257);
  • From Paris, the faithful Freemason and indubitable radical French Revolutionary Cadet de Gassicourt provides two exposures on the Illuminati in 1794 and 1817 based upon his lodge experiences (pages 274-295) -- exposures overlooked by Barruel and Robison;  and
  • Karl Von Hesse's memoir of 1817 on the 1782 plan to overthrow France agreed upon at the Wilhemsbad Congress of Templars which no other historian has ever properly considered in weighing the Illuminati role in the French Revolution (see pages 295-305).
I trust you will find it all very interesting and informative.
Marco di Luchetti, 12 November 2011

Nicholas de Bonneville

Bonus Online Materials

Also, here are materials deleted from the final edition, and are only available online:

1. Gauchaussen's Exposure of Cosmopolitan Republic (1786) - paid translation - deleted from my book to reduce costs, and thus it is only available online here
2. My introduction to Gauchaussen's Exposure of a Cosmopolitan Republic (1786)

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