About the Squad




Juniors (under 21) from Ireland North & South who are interested in and enjoy orienteering, and who hope to become good enough to represent Ireland internationally.


How (to join the squad)

Understand and be able to use compass and interpret major contours.

Attend training weekends and Championships, in particular the Irish Championships.


International Competitions

Irish Juniors amy be selected for four International representative events:

1. JWOC Junior World Championships: the ultimate in Junior orienteering.  The age qualification is under 21, which in effect means 20s and the best 18s.

2. JEC Junior European Cup: classes M/W 18 and 20.  In the last few years has been a small competition of mainly the best countires so the standard is very high.

3. EYOC European Youth Championships: classes M/W16 and 18.  An excellent introduction to international competition, almost all the European countries attend.

4. JHI Junior Home International: classes M/W14, 16, 18.  Competition between England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland, administered by the Northern Irish Association.


Training weekends – usually around 4 a year spread between Munster, Leinster & Northern Ireland.  Including Time Trials twice a year – a fitness test for 16s up.


Foreign tours

1. Spring Cup in Denmark end of March, very good introduction to Scandinavian competition on relatively straightforward terrain.  Includes a night event, not for under 16s.

2. JK in the UK (NE England in 2009).  Great experience competing outside Ireland against all standards including the best British orienteers.

3. Summer Tour to a week-long competition.  Intense exposure to orienteering abroad & valuable training.  Suitable for all, often include families.  The Summer Tour in 2009 is to the Scottish 6-day.


Irish Competitions

Squad members and aspiring members are expected to compete in the Irish Championships, and should run in all the Regional Championships and the Irish 3-day, as well as going to every possible orienteering event to gain practise & experience.


Junior Squad members

are expected to:

Be interested in (and enjoy) Orienteering

Put in effort to get better at Orienteering

Train for fitness

Look after for their own health (eating, sleeping, etc)

Behave responsibly


are not expected to give up other sports, hobbies, social life.  And it is recognised that exams & study will always take priority.


Junior Squad Events 2011 – preliminary list

6 March            Munster Champs        Rossbeigh, Co. Kerry

(tba) March      Time Trials/Training      Dublin/Wicklow

3 Apr                Leinster Champs        Wicklow

22-25 April        JK                             Northern Ireland

30Apr- 2 May    Irish Champs              Dublin/Wicklow

4-6 June           Shamrock 3-day          Kilcrohane, Co.Cork

23-26 June        EYOC                        Czech Republic

2-8 July             JWOC                       Poland

1-2 Oct             JHI                             Fermanagh

30 Oct              Munster Champs         to be arranged

27 Nov              Connaught Champs     to be arranged


Northern Ireland Juniors only

7-8 May            British Champs             

                       JIRCs for NI juniors