Traditional teacher-centred information delivery modes that focus on delivering theory via lectures, and assessing students through the end of semester exams are no longer appropriate for educating students in the 21st century.  McCombs and Vakili (2005) explain:
… In the 21st century world, content is so abundant as to make it a poor foundation on which to base an educational system; rather, context and meaning are the scarce but relevant commodities today.  This alters the purpose of education to that of helping learners communicate with others, find relevant and accurate information for the task at hand, and be co-learners and partners with teachers and peers in diverse settings and learning communities that go beyond school walls (p. 1582).

This unit employs a student-centred learning approach based on authentic learning principles supported by new technologies and access to the vast array of open educational resources available on the Internet. 

The unit is not about learning to use technology, it is about using technology in your own setting to improve student learning. It adopts a position throughout that technology is best used by students as powerful cognitive tools for learning, rather than a delivery mechanism for the teacher.

The unit encourages you to use self-directed learning skills to explore the use of technology in the classroom while at the same time giving you the opportunity to communicate with your classmates and use different technologies to better prepare yourself for the twenty first century classroom.

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