Courses and Activities

Opportunities for Growing Your Leadership Capacities in 2020

*ToP Programs (Technology of Participation) are facilitation methods of The Institute of Cultural Affairs)

Recognized ToP Trainers:

Lawrence Philbrook, Richard West, Gail West, Evelyn Philbrook, Shawn Chung, Laura Hsu, Frieda Lin, Mark Pixley, Jorie Wu, Paulina Pei Lin Chu, Lee Young Seok

Public Training Courses and Activities in Taiwan:

Registration information and form contained in Briefs found below.


2020 Public Facilitation Methods Training Calendar≠

Mar 7-8 GFM 1 (Focused Conversation Method)

Apr 25-26 GFM 2 (Consensus Workshop Method)

May 15 Wall of Wonder (WOW)

May 16-17 Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP)

Open Space Learning Workshop(OSLW)--postponed, will be back when all of us feel more ready...

June 20-21 Dialogue

July 17 Client Care and Design

July 18-19 Imaginal Learning (IL)

Aug 15-16 Transformative Action Planning (TAP)

Sept 26-27 Spirit of Facilitation (SOF)

In Malaysia

The Facilitative Way 2020 Modules: contact

I. Group Facilitation Methods, Feb 28/March 1

II. Strategic Planning and Systems Change, June

III. Workshop Design and Client Preparation, August

IV. Facilitation Spirit, October

For detailed course information and registration, call or email ICA Taiwan:

Dear Friend and Participants 親愛的朋友與學員

We are raising the ICA Taiwan program fee to NT$ 16000 from 12000 per 2 day program from 2020. 2020年開始ICA將二天課程費用由原本的NT$12,000提高至NT$16,000

We are raising the fee for several reasons 提高的原因如下

1) We have not changed the fee for 8 years while operational and facility costs continued to rise 在營運及設備各項成本逐年上漲的同時,ICA已有八年未調整課程費用

2) We are revising our system to include specific base income for the trainers and ICA operations ICA的系統因應各種改變逐一修訂中,包括引導師及ICA的基本需求

I hope this is not too much inconvenience 希望這不會為大家帶來太多不便

With respect, larry

GFM-1 Brief 7-8 March 2020.pdf
WOW 15 May 2020.pdf
GFM-2 Brief 25-26 April 2020.pdf
IL Brief 18-19 July 2020.pdf
TAP 15-16 Aug 2020docx.pdf
SOF Brief 26-27 Sept 2020.pdf
CC&D 17 July 2020.pdf
PSP Brief 16-17 May 2020.pdf
Dialogue 20-21 June 2020.pdf