Courses and Activities

Opportunities for Growing Your Leadership Capacities in 2024

*ToP Programs  (Technology of Participation) are facilitation methods of The Institute of Cultural Affairs) 

Recognized ToP Trainers: 

Lawrence Philbrook,  Richard West, Gail West,  Evelyn Philbrook, Shawn Chung,  Laura Hsu,  Frieda Lin,  Mark Pixley,  Jorie Wu,  Paulina Pei Lin Chu, Lee Young Seok 

Public Training Courses and Activities in Taiwan:


Please registered directly from kktix, You can find every course introduction there.


2024 course schedule  (updated 2024.1.9)  


- 先修GFM1 & GFM2 



2024 Courses brief and registration 課程介紹與報名,請前往各課程的KKTIX連結



2023 Courses brief and registration

2.GFM-2 Brief 18-19 Feb. 2023.rtf
3.GFM-1 Brief 11-12 Mar. 2023.doc
4.GFM-2 Brief 15-16 April 2023.rtf
5.Dialogue Brief 20-21 May 2023.doc
6.PSP Brief 10-11 June 2023.doc
8.CC&D Brief 26 Aug. 2023.docx
9.IL Brief 16-17 Sept. 2023.doc
11.TAP Brief 18-19 Nov. 2023.docx
12.SOF Brief 16-16 Dec. 2023.doc

2022 Courses brief and registration

CC&D Brief 17 Sept. 2022.docx
GFM-1 Brief 1-2 Oct. 2022.doc
FLYER SA Global final.pdf
2.GFM-1 Brief 19-20 Feb. 2022.doc
3.GFM-2 Brief 26-27 March 2022.rtf
5.WOW 13 May 2022.docx
5-1.PSP Brief 14-15 May 2022.doc
7.CC&D Brief 1 July 2022.docx
7-1.IL Brief 2-3 July 2022.doc
8.Dialogue Brief 6-7 Aug. 2022.doc
10.TAP Brief 15-16 Oct. 2022.docx
11.SOF Brief 19-20 Nov. 2022.doc