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Topics for 2017 

When the research guide is available, the topic listed below will have a link. Research is provided by members of IUNAFAC.

What should be the U.S. position in the UN on...
Roundtable Discussion Leaders/Guest Experts, 2017:
  • Economic Topic - Brian Peterson is a Professor of Economics at Central College. He teaches research and writing courses for economics, business and actuarial science students. Dr. Peterson's areas of expertise are public finance and econometrics. In addition, Dr. Peterson is active in economics pedagogy research, publishing in edited volumes on pedagogy and in the International Review of Economic Education.

  • Science Topic - 
    serves as president of The Partnership @DrugFreeIowa.org and the Face It Together coalition. 
    Peter studies the habits of American youth to develop an understanding of what motivates human behavior, and develops educational programs to help motivate healthier decision-making. 
    He has been a TEDx speaker and hosts the TV Show "Surviving Bad" on Mediacom.

  • Social Topic - Brian Behnken is associate professor of History and Latino/a Studies at Iowa State University. His research and teaching interests include comparative race relations, civil rights, and ethnic history. Additionally, Dr. Behnken studies racial violence, masculinity, law enforcement, popular culture, and nationalism as they related to black and Latino/a people. 
  • Political Topic - Danielle Jablanski is a program associate for nuclear policy at the Stanley Foundation. Danielle earned her master of arts degree in international security from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, specializing in topics surrounding the geopolitics of the Middle East. Throughout her education, she spent time in multidisciplinary programs in Rwanda, the United Kingdom, Jordan, and Japan. She brings robust analytical and interpersonal skills to the issue area of nuclear policy. Danielle is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia, and has gained valuable experience from previous nonprofit sector and government- relations positions. 
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