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Schedule and Deadlines

The 2018 Iowa Youth Symposium (IYS) will be held Tuesday, October 23 and Wednesday, October 24 at the State Capitol Complex in Des Moines.

August 15--Background guides for topics will be available here

October 5--Last day for Regional meetings. 

October 5-12--Register for the Iowa Youth Symposium HERE.

The Capitol cafeteria will be closed during the IYS, and we’re using an outside caterer to provide lunch. After you register, you will receive an invoice via email for the conference fee ($5 per delegate) and the lunches you order ($8 per lunch). 

October 12--All regional position papers will be available online for viewing/printing

 Pre-plenary Day
Tuesday, October 23       
 Plenary Day
Wednesday, October 24
Outstanding delegates from the regional meetings attend the pre-plenary session of the IYS. 

Expert-let roundtable discussions will be held on each topic. 

The day will continue with work on position papers led by the UNI Secretariat.

The Secretariat staff will identify two Outstanding Delegates from each committee who will be recognized at the conclusion of the pre-plenary session.
All students are invited to attend the second day of the IYS.

The day will begin with recognition of the Outstanding Delegates from the pre-plenary session and a keynote address by the Honorary Iowa UN Day Chair. 

Following the opening ceremony, delegates will split into committees to compose formal UN resolutions on the four topics. 

The day ends with a closing ceremony at which the Outstanding Delegates will summarize their committees’ resolutions.