Software release notes

Version 1.18 2017-05-11

bug fixes

- GSM hardware reset works now

- improved rejection of false frequency measurements

- warning list now displays correct measurement readings


- Volts true RMS measurement 2% precision

- Volts Peak measurement 1% precision

- logging warnings to SD

- boots much faster: starts regulating 20 milliseconds after power reaches 165V

Version 1.2.1 2018-01-31

Major new release, supporting the new PCB hydrocontrol-S V1.2

This version is not compatible with older PCBs!

Please understand that I do this as a side project, so I don't have time to update multiple software versions. If you need the new software, you will have to buy the new PCB,

bug fixes

- Improved watchdog restart. Now restarts 60ms after hung software is detected.

- sporadic error with incorrect voltage and frequency readings. The variable read from the interrupt was not atomic.


- every triac is now controlled individually. This enables up to 15 triacs in single phase mode (previously only 5) Also this will improve the dump load fault detection in the future.

- dump load sizes can be configured much more flexibly

- improved overvoltage protection. It now reacts directly after the AD sample to an overvoltage condition. Sampling is every 0.2ms or 100 samples per full wave.

- the operating, error and warning status is now displayed more clearly.

- up to 8 mechanical relays possible, with 17 different functions.

- WLAN hardware ready

Version 1.2.2 2018-03-22

only for PCB hydrocontrol-S V1.2

NOTE: note your settings before the update.

Some settings in the menu "regulation" will be wrong after the update, and some settings in the menu "outputs" will be missing.

The quickest way is to make a photo of every menu with your mobile phone.

Bug fixes

- no false alarm with peak overvoltage detection (bug was introduced in version 1.2.1)


- variable dump load delta wiring supported.

- variable dumploads can be SSR controlled

- reorganized menus.

- SSR outputs can be configured more flexibly.

Version 1.3.3 2019-11-02

only for PCB hydrocontrol-S V1.3

NOTE: this PCB has a problem with the resistors between optocoupler and triac.

These resistors are not rated for mains voltage and need to be replaced with wired resistors. The easiest solution is to bridge the resistors on the PCB with a solder blob, and connect the wired resistors to the gates of the triacs.


- Single phase operation: 3 variable(dimmable) dump loads possible

- in case of overvoltage, the ELC automatically recovers, if the overvoltage is gone.

- 3 phase IGC: the controller always picks the highest of the 3 voltages for regulation