safe design

The main safety feature for the whole system (failure of other parts than the ELC) is the protection relay.

The following features are about potential failure of the ELC/protection relay itself.

    • 4kV isolated optocoupler triac drivers -> a triac with a short-circuit will not damage the rest of the ELC, the ELC wil keep functioning
    • All dump load circuits are protected via a circuit breaker -> a short-circuit in the dumpload wiring will not destry a triac or SSR.
    • EMC filter against mains transients -> a noisy mains line will not crash the MCU microprocessing unit
    • Varistors against high voltage spikes to the controller board -> the controller board will survive medium lightning, or overvoltage spikes. For an overvoltage protection of the whole system, see the options list
    • Waterproof and mite-proof aluminum casing for the controller board -> the benefit is obvious :-), casing also acts as EMC shield.
    • In case of micro processor failure, all dumploads will go on by default to prevent a run-away situation
    • All relays will go into "safe" position in case of 5V power loss -> any electric water valves will close and/ or mains contactors will open
    • Redundant 5V power supply -> you will be notified via SMS of a failed power supply and can replace it before the system goes down.
    • Facility to connect a second AVR automatic voltage regulator for redundancy
    • All important parts are temperature-monitored -> prevents overheating damage
    • The 4 fans (if fans are installed in your system) are current monitored -> in case one fan fails, the system will still work and you will be notified via SMS.