Project Gallery

Some typical projects

Gatop, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, 135kW

With three 45 kw turbines on one axle, driving a mecc alte synchronous generator.

The turbines each have a 24V electrical water valve. The ELC additionally regulates water flow by controlling the water valves.

The hydro power system also serves a local hospital.

Kabwum, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, 135kW

This system utilizes a pump as turbine (PAT)

Wales, United Kingdom, 13kW

This system is based in an old mill and uses a synchronous generator.

Croatia, 20kW

Initally running as an IGC with induction motor as generator. Upgrade to synchronous generator planned.

Spain, 5kW

Running as IGC

Netherlands, 20kW Utilizes energy from waterworks pumps.