price tables

If you're contemplating to build one or more ELCs - here's what parts costs you can expect.


    • "without casing" assumes that the ELC is integrated into an existing switching cabinet, or the switching cabinet is low-cost self-made
    • "small batch" assumes that you either use prototyping drilled solder board, or you have a run of 10 or more PCBs, so the cost for each PCB gets much lower. Also you need to buy things like the MCU programmer only once. See also remotehydrolight price calculation
    • remotehydrolight 60kW: price of 2 units minus programmer
    • hydrocontrol
    • "fully equipped": see the additional components in a hydrocontrol below
    • "barebones hydrocontrol": see below

variable costs: roughly 60-100 EUR per 10kW/230V, or 6-10 EUR per kW

Parts costs in EUR/USD

details for the price difference between remotehydrolight and fully equipped hydrocontrol on the basis of a 2kW unit

additional/different components compared to remoteydrolight

Barebones hydrocontrol

Ways to bring the price of the hydrocontrol down:

    • Removing the mains filter and using an R-C filter to neutral like the remoteydrolight - EMI (electromagnetic interference) is not as good, but probably acceptable -> -18EUR
    • An arduino mega clone can be used, which is more like 10 EUR compared to . the orginal for 30 EUR -> -20EUR
    • with a custom PCB board, which could be made smaller, you could save another - 16 EUR.
    • You could leave the relays away, if not needed. - 10 EUR


Total price savings: 64 EUR

With all these price savings, the price difference gets down to 24 EUR. For these 24 EUR, you get a configurable ELC with display, keypad, optocoupler, triac with higher di/dt, discrete power supply, temperature sensors.