Perpetual Race Instructions

The Horizon Yacht Club Perpetual Race

What is it? This is designed to be a competition based on a specifically designated course which can be repeated as many times as you want even during the same day, within a defined calendar period, with any crew in either or both spinnaker or non-spinnaker configuration. This is intended to be a longer distance race than our normally scheduled events. It is also designed to allow for all levels of capability and experience and you are encouraged to solicit or recruit as crew, other members or nonmembers even from other competing boats, of both more and less experienced background to expose new sailors to racing or to learn from them. A race may be conducted as a single boat or in consort with others. Boats will be scored on a handicap rating based on published ratings adjusted in a similar fashion as is used for our normal series events. With the only difference being “Spinnaker” and “non-Spinnaker” course runs will be logged into separate competing categories.

Times will be taken on an honor system, and should be posted on the Horizon Yacht Club website ( If this is not possible send an email to Dick Del Frate ( and Bruce Johnston ( with the Subject “Perpetual Race Results”. Please include Date and time of race recorded, Elapsed Time, Race Course (Island or Marks), Spinnaker or Non-Spinnaker, crew, and weather conditions. Any additional information such as interesting stories will be appreciated. Results will be posted on the Racing Page of the HYC website.

For those who have been hesitant in the past to get your feet wet (figure of speech only) in sailboat racing for whatever reason, this venue allows entry in a much less formal setting without the direct boat to boat proximity or pressure of congestion and mark roundings.

New boaters or just new to racing are encouraged to contact Dick or Bruce to answer any questions and to help with arranging for crew assistance with more experienced people. We will make every effort to observe, teach, assist and generally do whatever we can to make the experience, educational, non-threatening and most of all fun.

Ø What is It?

ü There will be a choice of (2) Two Race Courses – (Island Course). A perpendicular Starting Line beginning at Mile Mark 547.5 extending toward the center of the lake for a distance of approximately 100 yards from shore. Proceed upwind toward whichever island is to windward and round that island taking the island on whichever side you choose, after rounding proceed to the other island and round it keeping it on the same side as the previous island continue back and cross the Finish Line in the same direction you started.

ü (Marks Course)( Short Windward Leward Course) Start line and finish same as Island Course. After start for Short Course proceed to windward to turn mark at either the 1st Green Can at the cut at Thief Neck Island or the Day Mark POST (not green can) at Half Moon Island cut passing between the post and the green can. (Note: Be aware of the depth when approaching and rounding during the winter months). Round each with the mark on the port side of the boat proceed to the opposite mark and then cross the finish/start line in the same direction in which you began the race.

ü Starting- This is an honor system but we are also learning so we want to begin with a proper start sequence. When you are ready to begin, write down a planned start time more than 5 minutes ahead. At the 5 minute time begin maneuvering your craft so that you on the leeward side of the start line before the 1 minute to start time and are trying to cross the start line at speed and at the race beginning time you have written down. If you cross the line before your planned start time, the proper thing to do is to go around the end of the Start Line and recross in the proper direction. The extra time involved is included as race time.

ü Finish time is just that. The time to report to Race Directors in the total time from planned start time written down as above and the time the foremost part of your boat crossed the start line.

These directions are routine procedures in most sailboat racing events and are enumerated here for the benefit of all to avoid any confusion and especially for those new to racing to help prepare and familiarize you with them.

Bullet Points:

· Two courses to choose from

· Race on your own schedule any day any weather.

· Race either or both courses as many times as you want to enter between February 1 and November 30. (See how much you can improve each time.)

· Recruit any crew for any race to learn from or teach others.

· HYC membership is not required.

· Honor system reporting in the spirit of fair sailing, friendship and fun,

· Follow fleet progress on HYC website Racing Page.

· Any questions or for more information contact Dick or Bruce.