What is Honest Seduction?

Seduction has a bad rap.   For most of us, the word is synonymous with manipulation, deception and power-over practices.   We're reclaiming seduction and rehabilitating it's tarnished name.   Honest Seduction is cooperatively creating power and sparking healthy intimacy.  It is part seduction technique, part lifestyle, and part relationship model.  

Honest Seduction workshops (HS) focus on three main components: Disclosures, Love Letters, and Radical Romance (RR). 

Disclosures are the things we normally hide during the early parts of a romance- other complicated relationships, STIs, past traumas, "dealbreakers", etc.  Honest Seduction alternatively believes that when done well, vulnerability can be sexy and allow us to build more exciting and durable relationships.  Workshops focus on how to share disclosures in an organic and authentic manner and receive them with compassion and respect.

Love Letters
are seldom used and powerful tools for nearly any relationship.  The workshop gives some practice in writing love letters for people who you feel you have insufficiently appreciated (not necessarily romantic interests) as well as people who you are attracted to and want to explore possibilities with.  The workshop (and connected webpages) also debunks common myths and share the keys to writing powerful love letters.   We also discuss the ever changing world of digital media- text messages, blog entries,  facebook wall posts, emails, video chat and the ways they can be used as non-traditional delivery methods for love letters.

Radical Romance is what might happened after a successful honest seduction.  In it partners agree to help each other become who they want to be.  Radical Romance is the  daring exploration of your personal and shared identity and a tool for personal growth.  During workshops we explore tools and techniques, starting with the key tenant of Radical Romance: "This is where I am, this is where I want to be, I want you to help me get there."


Biographies of the workshop presenters.

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