This page lists some of the applications available for the RS-UV3A.


A very basic terminal emulator which allows you to send commands to the RS-UV3A provided that you know which port the RS-UV3A is connected to. Download at the bottom of this page, rename the file to remove the '.allow', then run. Termite also works with the RS-UV3.


An app to automatically find a connected RS-UV3A connected to the PC and allow the user to enter commands and see responses. It only works when the RS-UV3 baud rate is set to the default of 19,200BPS. The RS-UV3A Communicator also works with the RS-UV3.

The Virtual Control Panel software is not actually part of the RS-UV3A product, we provide it as an example of what a control program might look like. It's written in a free software package called Pure Basic which has versions for Windows, Linux and OSx so it's likely that with only minor modifications, it will run on those platforms as well.