If you are interested in flying gliders, you are welcome to come out and take a demo ride with an FAA certified flight instructor.  Your first flight will likely be a simple 4 to 5 minute, launch...traffic pattern...land.  If you are comfortable with more than that, we may attempt to do some thermalling and make the flight longer and more interesting.

   Demo Rides - $25 each  (weight limit of 260 lbs)

   Initiation fee - $100
   SSA dues
      Full Member - $75/yr
      Family Member - $45/yr
      Junior Member    - $42/yr
   Member dues - $15/mo
   Club tows - $8/tow
   2-33 glider rental - $7.80/hr
   1-26 glider rental - $6.00/hr

Example:  If you have a pilot certificate and fly the 1-26 twice per weekend, 4 weeks per month, averaging 1 hour per flight, you will pay $127 in fees for that month.  That's 8 flights and 8 hours total for only $127!

NOTE: Because HSS only performs ground launches, additional training is necessary to be endorsed for aerotow before taking the practical test.  This can be done at a commercial operation (the same one you take the practical test at), but will be far more costly.