How We Fly

Most glider operations in the United States use aerotow to get gliders airborne.  In our club we launch from the ground, utilizing a long wire (approx. 2,400ft) to pull gliders up with a pickup.  It is very similar to flying a kite, except on a much larger scale.  This method typically achieves anywhere from a 1,000' to 1,400' release height.

  Benefits of Auto-tow

  Downside of Auto-tow

When We Fly

We usually fly from April through October.  Flight training is typically done on Saturdays, usually starting late-morning and going throughout the afternoon.  We don't currently fly in the winter months due to weak conditions.

Learning to Fly

Whether you have no flight experience or a lot, our CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) can work with you achieve your goals.

NOTE: Student or passenger weight limit of 250 lbs! (varies by instructor)