How We Fly
Most glider operations in the United States use aerotow to get gliders airborne.  In our club we launch from the ground, utilizing a long wire (approx. 2,400ft long) to pull gliders up with a pickup.  It is very similar to flying a kite, except on a much larger scale.  This method typically achieves anywhere from a 1,000' to 1,400' release height.

  Benefits of Auto-tow
  -Less expertise required to tow

  Downside of Auto-tow
  -Lower tow heights, resulting in more difficulty finding a thermal
  -Unable to tow the glider into a thermal on purpose

When We Fly
We fly all year long, but the best weather is typically from March to September.  Flight training is almost exclusively done on Saturdays, typically starting late-morning and going throughout the afternoon.

Learning to Fly
Whether you have no flight experience or a lot, our CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) can work with you achieve your goals.

NOTE: Student or passenger weight limit of 260 lbs!  Must also fit and be able to move controls freely...which could be an issue regardless of weight.