Záznam o otužovaní (Water hardening record)


  1. Ako sa otužovať (Arpád Takács).
  2. Generally, a person can survive in 5-degree C water for 10, 15 or 20 minutes before the muscles get weak, you lose coordination and strength, which happens because the blood moves away from the extremities and toward the center, or core, of the body.
  3. Ak sa prirýchle oblečieme, odev pôsobí ako izolácia medzi teplým vzduchom v miestnosti a chladným povrchom nášho tela a ťažšie sa zohrejeme.
  4. Unconsciousness occurs when the body's core temperature falls below 30 degrees C. A person dies at the body's core temperature of about 27 degrees C. When you enter very cold water, stress-hormone production increases and blood pressure rises.


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