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3.804 -> 3.805 (11/30/2014)

[!] Attention: all settings will be reset after update!
[+] New spell scrolls (with spell icons) in message box when these are taken from the defeated hero.
[+] It's now possible to open the hero window by clicking on the portrait in the level up window.
[+] SuperFix_Common pack was integrated into the HoMM3 HD base files (available only when you install the full version; <Fix.Cosmetic> tweak).
[+] 45 new tweaks (especially it's actual for WoG/Era).
[-] Fixed map grid in Wog/Era.
[-] Fixed cursor change disabling via ERM in Era.

[-] Fixed HD3_Launcher.exe appearance with desktop DPI greater then 96.
[+] Added a text search in Tweaks tab in HD3_Launcher.exe.

[ ] Some minor fixes and improvements.

3.803 -> 3.804 (11/22/2014)

[+] Spell scrolls are displayed with spells  icons now (<UI.SpellScroll.Extended> tweak)
[-] Fixed 32-bit MMX (stretchable) bug.
[ ] Some bug fixes and optimization in HD3_Launcher.exe.
[ ] Some minor fixes.

3.802 -> 3.803 (11/17/2014)

[-] Some fixes in HD3_Launcher.exe

3.801 -> 3.802 (11/15/2014)

[-] Fixed: Game instability*
[*] 3.716 HD internal structure was returned (there is 15 tweaks now again)
[-] Some fixes in HD3_Launcher.exe

3.800 -> 3.801 (11/14/2014)

[-] Fixed bug: not working HD-shortcut.
[-] HD3_Launcher.exe works on Windows XP and Windows 8 now.

3.716 -> 3.800 (11/13/2014)

 [-] Fixed: Errors and crashes occurs if more than one instance  of the game  from the same folder is running.
 [-] HD+ bug fixed: hero could not learn spells with Eagle Eye.
 [-] HD+ bug fixed: Gold paid for surrender is not returns if replay battle.
 [-] Fixed: not working Restart button in campaign scenario information window.
 [+] improved AutofixMap functionality: prevents replacing hero current army  with starting army.
 [-] Wog/ERA bug fixed: artifacts are not displayed as cursors in 32-bit True color modes with SystemCursors option turned on.
 [-] Wog/ERA bug fixed: Game crash occurs after right click on artifact in message box.
 [ ] Plugins and ini-files loading order changed (logical error fixed).
 [+] New launcher with Unicode text.
 [!] Every type of HoMM3 (SoD/HotA/ERA/...) have own settings (ini-file) now.
 [+] Update system improved.
 [+] More tweaks are available now (85 instead 15).
 [ ] some minor fixes and improvements

3.715 -> 3.716 (06/23/2014)

 [+] changed positions of information panels and windows in the battle.
 [ ] some minor fixes

3.714 -> 3.715 (06/22/2014)
 [-] Fixed artifact merchants bug (were possible glitches and crashes when operating with misc 5 slot )

3.713 -> 3.714 (06/22/2014)
 [+] Any (critical in the original) error while generating a random map allow you to restart RMG  with no crashes now.
 [+] New solution of the problem with loading incompatible binkw32.dll (previous solutions were ineffective).
 [+] middle mouse button (or [F5] key) opens system menu in the main menu.
 [ ] minor optimization

3.712 -> 3.713 (06/20/2014)
 [-] Fixed not working update service.

 [+] Checking for update at start of the game runs in parallel thread. So there is no delay at start.
 [+] Some other improvements of the update service
 [-] Fixed a SoD bug in town screen: game crashes when you change town if army split button activated.
 [-] Fixed incorrect icons of towns without fort in new Town Portal window.
 [+] French language added to HD3_Launcher.exe
 [ ] some minor fixes and improvements

3.711 -> 3.712 (06/01/2014)

 [-] original bug: wrong icons (Wight - Wraith, Orc Tower - Wolf Pen, Hell Hole - Fire Lake)
 [-] misplaced grid on the map
 [-] AI heroes aggression bug in Russian versions of the Game
 [-] 32-bit MMX (stretchable) color mode bugs: Windows color Scheme changing, drawing errors.
 [ ] some minor fixes