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3.808 build 3 -> 3.808 build 4

[+] Adds a new high level algorithm to jump from the battlefield to the main menu, that  makes game more stable.

3.808 build 2 -> 3.808 build 3

[-] Fixed critical memory leaking in 32-bit True graphics modes (much more stability now).

3.808 -> 3.808 build 2

[!] HD+: network game is available if all players use HoMM3 HD 3.808 or later
[-] Fixed spontaneous switching PvP Neutral Combat option.

3.807 -> 3.808

[+] autodetection of the English SoD 3.0 added
[+] skill list shows in visited university hint
[  ] game appearance changed with ????x600 screen resolutions (brown sidebars)
[-] Fixed critical bug with new spell scrolls in artifact merchant in HotA
[+] highly optimized file system core of hte HoMM3 HD, thats highly speed up game in some actions (e.g.  opening scenario manager window). Known speed glitches in Exagear (tool for launching Heroes 3 on Android) are gone.
[!] unknown version of the Heroes 3 detects as SoD now (detected WoG before)
[-] Fixed bug. Chess timer stops in combat with human in garrisons and mines now.
[+] new optional multiplayer mode - PvP Neutral Combat. Opponent controls neutral armies at this mode.
[+] some HD3_Launcher.exe fixes and improvements.
[+] 32-bit True graphics modes were optimized: more perfomance and stability.
[+] more compability with Era (with Battle Heroes mod).
[+] some minor fixes and improvements
[+] Added new high quality resize filters (UltraSaI, xBRZ) to 32-bit True (strwtchable) GDI graphics mode. New filters need a fast multi-core CPU. <Graphics.Nx.Threads> tweak defines how many cores (logical CPUs) will be used in new filters.

3.806 -> 3.807 (12/04/2014)

[-] Fixed  HD+ bug : there was a chance of failure to save password in passwords.txt for joined player
[-] Fixed crash in backpack window opened from hero meeting window at vertical resolution lower than 608

[+] Extended Hero, Hero meeting, Town and Adventure windows with quick army/artifact management are fully available for TE/ERA/WT now
(Turned Off by default. To turn on need these records in Tweaks tab in Launcher: <UI.Ext.AdvMgr> = 1 , 1 , 1 <UI.Ext.HeroDlg> = 1 <UI.Ext.SwapMgr> = 2 <UI.Ext.TownMgr> = 1 , 1)

3.805 -> 3.806 (12/01/2014)

[-] Fixed not working tournament saver
[+] Added "Save all days (for tournaments)" chekbox to the Main settings tab in Launcher.
[ ] Some minor fixes.

3.804 -> 3.805 (11/30/2014)

[!] Attention: all settings will be reset after update!
[+] New spell scrolls (with spell icons) in message box when these are taken from the defeated hero.
[+] It's now possible to open the hero window by clicking on the portrait in the level up window.
[+] SuperFix_Common pack was integrated into the HoMM3 HD base files (available only when you install the full version; <Fix.Cosmetic> tweak).
[+] 45 new tweaks (especially it's actual for WoG/Era).
[-] Fixed map grid in Wog/Era.
[-] Fixed cursor change disabling via ERM in Era.

[-] Fixed HD3_Launcher.exe appearance with desktop DPI greater then 96.
[+] Added a text search in Tweaks tab in HD3_Launcher.exe.

[ ] Some minor fixes and improvements.

3.803 -> 3.804 (11/22/2014)

[+] Spell scrolls are displayed with spells  icons now (<UI.SpellScroll.Extended> tweak)
[-] Fixed 32-bit MMX (stretchable) bug.
[ ] Some bug fixes and optimization in HD3_Launcher.exe.
[ ] Some minor fixes.

3.802 -> 3.803 (11/17/2014)

[-] Some fixes in HD3_Launcher.exe

3.801 -> 3.802 (11/15/2014)

[-] Fixed: Game instability*
[*] 3.716 HD internal structure was returned (there is 15 tweaks now again)
[-] Some fixes in HD3_Launcher.exe

3.800 -> 3.801 (11/14/2014)

[-] Fixed bug: not working HD-shortcut.
[-] HD3_Launcher.exe works on Windows XP and Windows 8 now.

3.716 -> 3.800 (11/13/2014)

 [-] Fixed: Errors and crashes occurs if more than one instance  of the game  from the same folder is running.
 [-] HD+ bug fixed: hero could not learn spells with Eagle Eye.
 [-] HD+ bug fixed: Gold paid for surrender is not returns if replay battle.
 [-] Fixed: not working Restart button in campaign scenario information window.
 [+] improved AutofixMap functionality: prevents replacing hero current army  with starting army.
 [-] Wog/ERA bug fixed: artifacts are not displayed as cursors in 32-bit True color modes with SystemCursors option turned on.
 [-] Wog/ERA bug fixed: Game crash occurs after right click on artifact in message box.
 [ ] Plugins and ini-files loading order changed (logical error fixed).
 [+] New launcher with Unicode text.
 [!] Every type of HoMM3 (SoD/HotA/ERA/...) have own settings (ini-file) now.
 [+] Update system improved.
 [+] More tweaks are available now (85 instead 15).
 [ ] some minor fixes and improvements

3.715 -> 3.716 (06/23/2014)

 [+] changed positions of information panels and windows in the battle.
 [ ] some minor fixes

3.714 -> 3.715 (06/22/2014)
 [-] Fixed artifact merchants bug (were possible glitches and crashes when operating with misc 5 slot )

3.713 -> 3.714 (06/22/2014)
 [+] Any (critical in the original) error while generating a random map allow you to restart RMG  with no crashes now.
 [+] New solution of the problem with loading incompatible binkw32.dll (previous solutions were ineffective).
 [+] middle mouse button (or [F5] key) opens system menu in the main menu.
 [ ] minor optimization

3.712 -> 3.713 (06/20/2014)
 [-] Fixed not working update service.

 [+] Checking for update at start of the game runs in parallel thread. So there is no delay at start.
 [+] Some other improvements of the update service
 [-] Fixed a SoD bug in town screen: game crashes when you change town if army split button activated.
 [-] Fixed incorrect icons of towns without fort in new Town Portal window.
 [+] French language added to HD3_Launcher.exe
 [ ] some minor fixes and improvements

3.711 -> 3.712 (06/01/2014)

 [-] original bug: wrong icons (Wight - Wraith, Orc Tower - Wolf Pen, Hell Hole - Fire Lake)
 [-] misplaced grid on the map
 [-] AI heroes aggression bug in Russian versions of the Game
 [-] 32-bit MMX (stretchable) color mode bugs: Windows color Scheme changing, drawing errors.
 [ ] some minor fixes