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Home school family responsibility

HHL members are expected to be accurately informed of the government requirements for homeschoolers, Section 12 (traditional) and 13 (Distance Learning) of the BC School Act.

HHL encourages its members to be acquainted with the organizations that support home education in B.C. and Canada. These various organizations promote and protect our homeschool freedoms in education legislation with the provincial Ministry of Education, provide legal support for homeschoolers, and organize conferences and conventions etc.

Briefly stated, B.C. has the free-est laws for homeschooling in the world.  The requirement is:  school age children are required by law to be registered with a school.  There are 2 options for home educating: 

  • 'Traditional' (registered) - pretty well complete educating freedom, and very little / no financial 'reimbursement'.  Not all schools will register traditional homeschoolers.
  • 'Distance Learning' (enrolled) - school / teacher directed education plan, includes supervision, and limited financial reimbursement.  Enroll with schools that have a DL program (some public and independent).  There is an option to take courses from different DL providers - but one school would have to take primary responsibility.
Please check the BCHLA website thoroughly for legislative information specific to B.C. 
For dates of local homeschool conferences, please see the 'calendar' tab.

British Columbia Home Educators’ Association, - BCHEA
  (previously BCHLA, name change in 2017)
Promoting and Protecting the Freedoms of B C Homeschoolers
Province of B.C, Ministry of Education legislation liaison

BCHEA members-only yahoo group for Registered/section 12\13 homeschoolers in BC

B C Homelearning Conference 2019 (organized by DL schools TLA and Regent).
   Second annual BC Home Learning Conference at Trinity Western University in Langley May 24 & 25, 2019
   Equip the Home, Educate the Hands, Encourage the Heart
   Our vision for this conference is to come from a Christian perspective, ministering to the needs of Christian families, both registered and enrolled, although all are invited to attend.
     Friday, May 24 (12-5) and Saturday, May 25 (9-5).
    Vendor hall: TWU’s “Atrium”.
   Conference website

Canadian Online Homeschool Conference
    free (Feb)

Christian Home Educators Convention and Trade Show (Kelowna)
   CHEC April Homeschool Convention:  April 26th & 27th, 2019

Home Education Council of America
     'The Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp' in April or May (2019 - May 6-10)
     'National Home Education E-Conference' in June,
     'Not Back To School Summit' in September,  
     'Special Needs Conference' in December
Throughout the year seminars, workshops, webinars live sessions
   Membership with HECOA is required:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      'basic' membership is free - access to monthly speaker series.  Access to all online presentations, you have 24 hours to log-in and hear the speaker.  Access to the Basic tools in 'member toolbox' (an assortment of information to help you understand what is important)                                       'plus' membership has an annual fee of around $70.00 US, and makes all archives available for a year.  
   facebook page for members:​

"It wasn't until I tapped into mentors who help thousands of homeschoolers that I was able to "hear" what I needed in order to understand where I wanted to go.  And it wasn't that I duplicated their systems exactly, but by taking a little here and a little there, I was able to develop my OWN system that worked for me.  And you can do the same thing.  I just needed a reset.  I needed to hear some philosophies and methods from those who have applied them in multiple situations.  I didn't stop using curriculum, but I learned how to leverage the curriculum the right way, for that deeper and more meaningful experience!" (Dianne McLean, Director, Home Education Council of America)

Home School Legal Defense Association of Canada - HSLDA
archives of monthly newsletters click on 'What's New' tab or
     Canadian Center for Home Education (Canadian research) (CCHE)
     National Christian Home Educators Leadership Conference (NLC) - Annual
         Varied Canadian location - 2nd week in September

Maple Ridge - Connections - Convention 2017
   Explore the Home Learning Possibilities
   3rd Annual Convention and Trade Show (homeschool speakers and opportunities for vendor and used book tables)
     Monday, June 12, 2017 at 3pm - 9pm
     Convention Location: Maple Ridge Alliance Church - Gymnasium
                                     20399 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3E2
   Presented by Ridge Meadows Home Learners and New Life Homeschool Association
     Contact Leah Pillet at Email:
     Cost: $ 5 for Non-members to attend. $10 per family. Children Free. Pay cash at the door. 

National Home Education Research Institute
Dr. Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., President of (NHERI), Editor in Chief and Home School Researcher (academic refereed journal). USA based.

Provincial Association of Home Schoolers of BC. (PAHS)

(pre 2014 British Columbia Homeschool Association – BCHSA)
Annual Homeschool Convention (Expo) – Lower Mainland
     first weekend in June (2016 cancelled ?)

Vancouver Island - Annual Home Learners Conference "Nurturing the Homeschooler" (2016)
     When - May from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM PDT (cancelled 2017)
     Where - Parksville, BC

Support group contact information:  check BCHEA ( ) or PAHS ( websites, which give a listing of BC support group contact information by location. 

A FaceBook group is available for families who have a child registered (traditional) under Section 12/13 (BC).  It's meant to be a venue where registration can be frankly discussed for its merits; so that registered families can touch base with one another and provide support along a "path less traveled".  Please request to join if you'd like to participate:

support group,
Nov 24, 2015, 11:12 PM
support group,
Dec 5, 2016, 7:24 PM