Meeting schedule

Please email the HHL contact:  ' for the home school support group meeting location.  It is in Surrey (northwest) – particularly accessible to residents of Surrey, North Delta, New Westminster.

2018 - 2019 Season

Summer Park Days:
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Bring your own lunch.  Unstructured.

JULY 9, Monday, Robson Park (12678 - 100 Avenue, Surrey),  

AUGUST 13, Monday Annieville Lions Park (9150 112 Street, North Delta)  

HHL Field Trips:
Will consider organizing 2 Field Trips for this year – VSO by Eliesje.  
Second trip to be decided at later meeting.

Facebook group – private
Eliesje to consider setting up.  A HHL Facebook group would work in cooperation with our face-to-face group.  Need, viability and management to be discussed in September and as needed.

2018 - 2019 Calendar of Meetings

Meeting schedule the third * Monday of every month
7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
(Sept to June)

*altered when needed for: the statutory holidays and June.
Sharing and prayer are an important part of our meetings, meaningful support is our goal.

SEPTEMBER 17 – "Beginnings and Goals".  What are your education goals, concerns and things you’re looking forward to for the year?  Why am I homeschooling?  How will I motivate my children?   A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion). 
                                Business:  assess calendar topics – especially Creation Science in March.                                           
                                Planning for Field Trips, Activity (Park Days).   Decide frequency and who will take responsibility.  Facebook group:  Do we want to pursue this – who will set it up and manage it

OCTOBER 15 – “How do homeschool moms manage balancing life and school?” Sharing about household management and organization, and what a day in your life looks like.   Bring your enquiries, successes and not so successful examples.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).

NOVEMBER  19 – Speaker – Dawn C. - HHL alumnus.  How can homeschool families be a Christian light in our neighbourhood -  live a balanced life, not feel overwhelmed due to homeschool responsibilities and deal with being seen as an oddity in our society.   (Renee to contact D C)

DECEMBER 10* – "Annual Christmas Social - Sharing and prayer with Alumni".  Appetizer Pot luck at the church.  Starter question if needed:  Christmas traditions from your life.   (Renee to invite).  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).

JANUARY  21 – “How is it going?”.   Have your goals worked out?  Feel free to change goals and plans if something doesn’t work.   Motivating our kids – helping them show initiative.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).  
     Business:  Finalize Feb date.  Reassess calendar topics, especially make a decision about April.

FEBRUARY 11* (BC Family Day is Feb 18 this year) – ‘A social evening of sharing with praise and prayer requests”.   What’s going well?  What’s troubling you?  Concluding with an around the table prayer for each other.  Prayer worksheet to help attendees keep track will be provided by Eliesje.   A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).  Note:  cancelled due to snow.

MARCH 22, Friday*–  Creation Science presentation (5th annual).  NOTE: STARTING TIME:  6:30 pm  Topic:  "Life's Little 'Miracles': from conception to birth", with resource tables.  Invite our families, and other homeschool groups.  (Renee to contact and invite homeschool groups in broader community).

APRIL 15 – “Open topic as per the needs of the group this season”.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).  
                     Opportunity for selling second hand materials.
 Possible topics: “Helping Homeschool Mom’s stay or get back to being healthy (emotionally and physically) – acknowledge that we live in variance with the world and it is hard to get understanding support except in a homeschool support group setting.  dealing with negative self talk.”. 
“Curriculum topic/ school subject.   Did it work?  Yes or no and why.”   
“Letting / encouraging / reinforcing kids take initiative / delight-oriented learning”. 
 “How can you tell if your child is lazy – Assessing realistic productivity”.   
MAY 13* – “Summer fun / education   A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).
                   Annual treasurer’s report.  As needed ‘election’ of position holders - see 'contacts' tab (formal minutes to be compiled for bank – minutes to be approved and signed in June). 
JUNE 3 * – "Planning meeting for next season" (Planning calendar provided).   Attendees are the Administration Team for next season.   Bring your ideas for topics / speakers for next season.  Come with feedback from the past year - What were your favorite speakers / topics?  What were the most helpful meetings?  What meeting blessed you the most, and which one(s) disappointed you.  Review, assess and identify possible alternatives and solutions.  Feedback about administration and format of the group.  A group discussion (shared task to facilitate discussion).

General notes:  
The ‘Snack’ volunteer will open and close with prayer (or ask someone else to do this.  Moderation of the meeting – all attendees will be responsible to help facilitate the discussion.  The HHL member that confirms the speaker is to provide a week-prior reminder, introduce and conclude the meeting, and send a thank you to the speaker within a week post- meeting.  

Avoid Nov to Feb for speakers or invites to other homeschool groups due to possible winter conditions for travelling.

Regarding meeting topics, flexibility will be exercised to accommodate, including flexibility for special opportunities / speakers / unique needs / topics of members.  Please communicate your ideas and recommendations via the HHL email.

Snack Schedule  (schedule to be completed at Sept meeting)
   (meeting evenings)    
Sept.  -  Renée
Oct. -   Eliesje                                                                     
Nov.  -  Alice
Dec. - appy potluck -  everyone. 
Jan. -  Peggy
Feb. -  Michelle                                                                               
Mar. - no refreshments - Creation Science presentation
Apr. - Eliesje
May - Alice                                                                                
Jun. -   Renée.          

 General Homeschool  Activity / Events in lower mainland

Sept -  Not going back to school picnics 
          Swimming (10 sessions at Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex) and skating – register Aug. click on 'culture and rec', 'activities search and register'.  
             For complete instructions (search words) see HHL website 'Resources - by subject' tab - Phys ed subpage (  
          Check Sungod pool for Delta. 
Oct. –  Bird migration, Salmon 'homecoming' begins

Nov. - Remembrance Day events at local cenotaphs - usually start at 10:30 - check newspaper for info
          Reg begins for SSLC swim / skate Jan sessions

Dec. –  Annual Christmas Social with HHL Alumni

Jan. -   Swimming / skating session (SSLC) 
                      Missions Fest - Vancouver (last weekend in Jan)

Feb. –  Family Day - check , click on 'culture and rec', and 'events' - often free swim / skate in select locations.

Mar. -  Reg for SSLC swim / skate  April sessions  

Apr. – Swimming session / skating  (SSLC) 
         Surrey Environmental Extravaganza events - (Apr to June) many free family events                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              check        , click on 'culture and rec', 'parks', 'programs and events in parks', 'public programs', 'environmental extravaganza'
         Kelowna CHEC Convention - April 27 - 28, 2018.  
         “Used book’ sales begin

May - B C Homelearners Conference 2018 (organized by DL schools TLA and Regent). 
             Our vision for this conference is to come from a Christian perspective, ministering to the needs of Christian families, both registered and enrolled, although all are invited to attend.
             Friday, May 25 (12-5) and Saturday, May 26 (9-5). 
             Vendor hall:  TWU’s “Atrium”.
            Conference website

        Vancouver Island Home Learners - Annual Home Learners Conference "Nurturing the Homeschooler"
           8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Parksville, BC (cancelled 2017)
       TLA Track and Field Sports Day 
       Surrey Children’s Festival (May )  See city of Surrey website

Jun.- BC Home School EXPO 2016 - Abbotsford (Tradex) - June 10 and 11, 2016 (cancelled)
          Please email if you would like to be on the team for this amazing event!

       Homeschool sports day – Langley Home Educators Association.  contact:
       Ridge Meadows Home Learners and New Life Association The Connections Convention, Explore the Home Learning Possibilities & used book’ sale
          3rd Annual Convention and Trade Show (homeschool speakers and opportunities for vendor and used book tables)
          Monday, June 12, 2017 at 3pm - 9pm  (cancelled 2018)
          Convention Location: Maple Ridge Alliance Church - Gymnasium

Note: TLA field trips throughout the year. 

         Some field trips are open for non-TLA families, provided there is space. Field trips are posted on the website and families are welcome to check this out regularly. 
         Contact TLA for availability, details and payment.
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