D. L. Schools

Distance Leaning Providers

This is a listing of Distance Learning Schools (Section 13 of B.C. Ministry of Education).  The schools are Christian, Private or Public (secular).  Updated  from the BC Home School Expo list.   

See:  Distributed Learning Programs on https://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/independentschools/bc_guide/dl_schlist.pdf 

 B.C. has the free-est laws for homeschooling in the world.  The requirement is:  school age children are required by law to be registered with a school.  There are 2 options for home educating: 

'Traditional' (registered) - pretty well complete educating freedom, and very little / no financial 'reimbursement'.  Not all schools will register traditional homeschoolers.

'Distance Learning' (enrolled) - school / teacher directed education plan, includes supervision, and limited financial reimbursement.  Enroll with schools that have a DL program (some public and independent).  There is an option to take courses from different DL providers - but one school would have to take primary responsibility.

Please check the BCHEA website ( http://bchea.ca/ ) thoroughly for legislative information specific to B.C. 

 Abbotsford Virtual School


Anchor Academy DL (Salmon Arm, B.C.)


Ascend Online Catholic eSchool


CHEK ABC (Christian Home Education Across BC) - Lower Mainland, Nelson

Christian Home Learners eStreams - (Grinrod, B.C.)

Diversity By Design DL

EBus Academy (BC Online school)

Fraser Valley Distance Education School

Gold Trail Distributed Learning Program - (Ashcroft, B.C.)

Hands-On Home-Learning (Victoria)

Heritage Christian Online School - Kelowna


Home Quest
   Pinewood Elementary School
   (Delta School district DL) K to Gr 7

Regent Christian Online Academy (Victoria, Surrey)


Self Design Learning Community


Summit Learning Center

Surrey Connect

Traditional Learning Academy (Surrey)
     Our field trips are open for non-TLA families, provided there is space. TLA families have priority registration. Non-TLA families will be wait listed until the registration deadline and then informed within 24 hours if there is a spot available, at which point we would require payment either with a credit card or PO number.
     Some trips that involve course credits are not open to non-TLA families unless they cross enroll for the course.
     Field trips are posted on the website (home page) and families are welcome to check this out regularly.
          Click on 'Our Community' tab on top of page, then choose 'events and field trips'.
     TLA hosts various educational service providers in our classrooms. These instructors rent TLA classroom space and operate independently from TLA. All providers are screened and have criminal record checks with TLA.
     guitar classes for grades 7-12,art classes for grades 1-12, writing and social studies classes for grades 3-9

Valley Christian School (Mission)



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