Facilities and Equipment

Professor Henderson's group maintains two main laboratories and a computing facility in the Ford Environmental Science & Technology Building.  Among the key pieces of equipment in these laboratories are the following items:
ES&T 1305 Lab
  • Q-Sense QCM-D quartz crystal microbalance
  • VCA2000 contact angle measurement system
  • Custom UV-VIS thin film reflectometer
  • Brewer Science CEE-100CB Spin Coat and Bake System
  • Rapid thermal cycling system bakeplate system
  • Custom DMD mirror chip-based stereolithography system
  • PAL pulsed alexandrite laser system
  • Agilent / Molecular Imaging PicoPlus AFM
GPU Computing Cluster
  • The Henderson group has built and maintains a cluster of 12 Intel dual core processor based workstations that are each equipped with an NVidia GTX 580 graphics processing card. 
  • This translates into more than 6000 processing cores that are utilized for highly parallelized computing tasks such as molecular dynamics simulations of block copolymer phase separation.
  • Total computing capacity in the cluster is on the order of 40 Teraflops.
ES&T L2105 Lab
  • Bruker Vertex FTIR system with FTIR microscope, powder Raman accessory, ATR cell, etc.
  • TA Instruments TGA
  • J.A. Woollam V-VASE variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • J.A. Woollam M-2000 variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • 300 sq. ft. class 10 cleanroom
  • ORIEL DUV Exposure Tool
  • ORIEL I-line Exposure Tool
  • Brewer Science CEE-100CB Spin Coat and Bake System
  • Graphene synthesis furnace
  • Maxtek RQCM quartz crystal microbalance system with controlled flow cell system