We are committed to providing a welcoming environment in which all conference attendees can fully participate. If you have any concerns, please talk to a volunteer or member of the Organizing Committee.

Getting Around:
  • Also see the map below
  • Accessible entrances to physics complex:
    • north side of Lyman (best elevator access to SPIN UP rooms. All the way down the hall and then turn right)
    • north side of Cruft (under the bridge, has an elevator)
    • southwest side of LISE, main entrance to LISE/McKay
  • Accessible entrances to Science Center: side entrance only
  • Accessible entrances to Northwest Building: north side of Northwest and Everett St. entrance 
  • Accessible entrances to the Center for Astrophysics (CfA): south side of building C, north side of building B, north side of connector to Perkin Lab
  • Additional resources are available through Harvard University Disability Services:

Link to interactive campus map with highlighted accessible paths and entrances:

Harvard University Disability Services:

Restroom List:

A = accessible, S = single-stall

Gender-Neutral (all single-stall): 
  • Jefferson: 1st floor (R-161), 2nd floor (R-268, A), 5th floor (R-561, A)
  • Lyman: 1st floor (R-139, A), 5th floor (R-521)
  • Northwest: 2 single-stall restrooms on Level 1 (go straight in the main entrance past the stairs, then slight right; to your left as you face down the stairs to the Atrium)

  • Jefferson: 2nd floor (R-269, A, S), 3rd floor (R-357)
  • Lyman: 2nd floor (R-239), 4th floor (R-412)
  • Science Center: directly down the stairs from the arcade/main hallway
  • Northwest: north side of the Atrium

  • Jefferson: 4th floor (R-459)
  • Lyman: 1st floor (R-133), 3rd floor (R-345), 4th floor (R-439, A)
  • Science Center: directly down the stairs from the arcade/main hallway
  • Northwest: north side of the Atrium

Dietary Restrictions:
We will do our best to provide accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions, and any other dietary preferences and observances noted in your conference registration. Please ask a volunteer at meals and breaks if you have questions.

If you received a food-related sticker in your registration packet, this means that we are keeping a meal aside for you to ensure that you have food that satisfies your dietary needs. Put this sticker on the back of your name tag. During meals, please stand in line with the other participants. When you get to the front, simply show your sticker to any volunteer or committee member and we will get your meal for you.

Quiet Rooms:
We know that a conference can be quite overwhelming sometimes. If you need a place to rest and catch your breath, Jefferson 425 is a quiet room for the entire duration of SPIN UP. For the entire duration of CUWiP, Science Center 116 and Northwest B107 will be reserved as quiet rooms.