Photo Policy

While we want CUWiP and SPIN UP to provide fun and memorable opportunities for socializing, we also want to make sure that all participants feel safe and respected.  To that end, we have implemented the following photo policy for the duration of the weekend. Every photo you take must have the explicit permission of everyone visible in the photo. This includes people in the background of the image. If you would like to post the photo on social media (including Snapchat), you must also obtain explicit permission from everyone in the photo.

In an effort to simplify this process, we have included two photography stickers in your packet. A yellow sticker indicates that you’d like to be asked before someone takes a photo. A red sticker indicates that you’d prefer that people do not take your photo. Please select the sticker that you’re most comfortable with and place it on the back of your name tag.

There are many reasons that people may not want to be photographed. If someone declines to give permission, or shows you their red sticker, do not question their reasons or motivations. Please respect their decision by reframing your shot or finding an empty background (such as a wall) to stage your photo.

There are two times when we will be photographing the CUWiP group as a whole. The first is during a Google Hangout with the other 9 sites immediately before the keynote address. If you don’t want to be photographed, please sit in the left section of the seats (when facing the blackboards). We will not photograph this section.

The second time is during the group photo at 6:20 pm on Saturday, January 14th. We will post signs on the doors when we are photographing and remove them when we are done. If you don’t want to be in the group photos, please take a leisurely break, refill your coffee, and rejoin us for the talk at 6:30.