This site is an information site on the Harmony H-801, H-802, H-803, H-804, H-805 Bass, and 218x Series guitars built in Japan by Kawaii/Guyatone/Teisco, as well as in Taiwan by some other manufacturing firm, as well as Korea by Samick & Saehan.

These guitars were probably better known for their appearance in the J.C. Penney wishlist catalogs of the 1970's-1990's in the musical instrument section, but it seems recently a lot of people have taken an interest in these models, most notably the H-801 and H-802, which have the descendants of the currently very popular (in hipster culture) "Goldfoil" pickup.  Since these are one of the unappreciated underdogs of electric guitar, I decided to do a site to clarify, and let people know the difference between the many variations of the H-80x/218x guitars.  There is a lot of confusion out there as to what these guitars are.

So why would someone make a website dedicated to possibly one of the cheapest guitar designs of all? Well, I did because I quite well like these guitars, both in stock and custom condition. 

A stock Harmony H-80x/0281x Series guitar is an enigma of a design, for over 40 years (50 if you count the Tesico ET-110 Tulip which it's based on), Harmony pushed this design out through various budget/mainstream sales catalogs as "Beginner's Electric Guitar" or "36" Electric Guitar" or "Beginner's Guitar Kit" or whagever, but it's also a blank canvass that can be altered to be quite a sleeper of a machine if you know what you are doing. 

Once upon a time they were thought to be "boat paddles" or "trash" by most guitarists, but it seems in recent years, with more truths coming out that the quality of a guitar is not in it's price tag, but rather, what a self-sufficient DIY'er can do with it, stock or custom, I figured I'd put out my 20+ years of experience working on, playing, modding, and repairing/restoring these under-dogs.