Message to the Reader

Welcome to the GVAR (Global Vector AutoRegressive) modelling website created by L. Vanessa Smith. The aim of this website is to provide useful information and material on GVAR modelling including:

  • an easy-to-use Toolbox designed for the application of the GVAR methodology

  • the GVAR Handbook

  • the GVAR course

  • a GVAR approach to Multi-Country New Keynesian modelling (MCNK) with accompanying software

  • multi-country data freely available for download.

Furthermore, it is anticipated to serve as a communication platform for scholars and researchers interested in the area of global modelling. For this purpose one can join the mailing list for discussions and updates, as well as participate in the discussion forum for more detailed and instant communication with fellow users on related issues.

If you have any questions and enquiries please contact me.