Storyteller With Data, Guiselaine From Databeet

I am a storyteller with data. I get the essential out of data to make it useful for the bigger audience. I did this in the past by presenting the data after analyzing it in easy readably factsheets, reports, presentations, graphs, infographics, interviews, surveys, and tables. 

Data Stories By Databeet & Guiselaine

Nowadays I tell the data stories with eCourses, (guest)blogs, advise and articles. My writtings are readable for B1 audience and up. In my writtings I always take into account Urban Geography, Business Economics and Gender. I am Guiselaine and my company is Databeet.

Big Data eCourse

The Big Data eCourse is an online course in Dutch I developed in corporation with Laudius and another teacher. The eCourse was launched in 2018 and is completely online. The eCourse is: