Chi Gong

Qi Gong Therapeutic Exercise

Qi Gong weaves together movement, breathing, self massage and meditation into a gentle art and a complete system of health maintenance. It originated from observing movements of animals and nature. It has a lot of similarity with Tai Chi movements.

The form taught is called "18 Lohan Hands". This form covers a general spectrum of Qi Gong activity from dynamic (Wei Kung) to quiescent/internal (Nei Kung).

  • It is based on ancient traditional knowledge of the functioning of mind and body.

  • It teaches how to use mind, breathing patterns and body movements to improve the circulation of internal body's energy.

  • It is relevant to a wide spectrum of health concerns.

General Benefits of Qi Gong

  • Activates the flow of Chi (intrinsic life energy) along the meridians.

  • Strengthens the internal organs.

  • Increases longevity through maintenance of health and vigour.

  • Exercise all the joints and muscles.

  • Promote inner balance and serenity therefore dealing with stress issues.

  • Prevention of occupational diseases example repetitive strain injuries.

  • Complements other forms of physical activity and general martial art forms.

  • It has been thoroughly researched that Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises can be used to manage arthritis pain.

Qi Gong is on Weds 5.30 pm - 6.45 pm (run by Yong)