About the type of classes

About Classes at the Grasshopperyoga Studio


The Yoga classes at the studio are suitable for all level of practitioners. The postures taught in the class are an essential base from which to work with. Both beginners and experienced students are able to further advance their practice with modified (for beginners) or enhanced (for experienced) postures. The instructor will usually do a posture where a simplified posture will be demonstrated for people who are less flexible. The class try to explore all aspects of the yoga practice and philosophy. You can begin to attend at anytime. Just turn up without booking if you attend the class for the first time, please ring before attending only on public or school holidays in case classes are not on.

Yoga class structure : Different instructors emphasise different attributes of yoga. Classes are one and a quarter hour long with one hour exploration of asana (postures) and the rest of the time exploring other aspects of yoga practices. 10-15 minutes relaxation/corpse pose.

Qi Gong Therapeutic Exercise

Qi Gong weaves together movement, breathing, self massage and meditation into a gentle art and a complete system of health maintenance. It originated from observing movements of animals and nature. It has a lot of similarity with Tai Chi movements.

The form taught is called "18 Lohan Hands". This form covers a general spectrum of Qi Gong activity from dynamic (Wei Kung) to quiescent/internal (Nei Kung).

  • It is based on ancient traditional knowledge of the functioning of mind and body.

  • It teaches how to use mind, breathing patterns and body movements to improve the circulation of internal body's energy.

  • It is relevant to a wide spectrum of health concerns.

General Benefits of Qi Gong

  • Activates the flow of Chi (intrinsic life energy) along the meridians.

  • Strengthens the internal organs.

  • Increases longevity through maintenance of health and vigour.

  • Exercise all the joints and muscles.

  • Promote inner balance and serenity therefore dealing with stress issues.

  • Prevention of occupational diseases example repetitive strain injuries.

  • Complements other forms of physical activity and general martial art forms.

  • It has been thoroughly researched that Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises can be used to manage arthritis pain.

Qi Gong is on Weds 6 pm - 7.15 pm and Saturday 9 am - 10.15 am. (run by Yong)

"Do nothing Sunday afternoon" : 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm : Participants will get cupping, massage in a group setting, half hour corpse pose and one hour guided meditation ending with a Herbal drink, $40. The sessions are opened to private group bookings.

3 hours yoga intensive : Once a month session usually on Sunday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm and sometimes on public holidays/long weekends 10 am to 1.00 pm.

It's an exploration of ; Yoga postures (vigorous movement yoga postures,45 minutes), Jarm Jong (3 different standing postures in traditional Martial arts and Qi Gong practices (15 Minutes, 5 minutes each posture), Yin Yoga (Laying down static yoga posture, 10 minutes each posture, 1 hour), corpse pose (30 minutes), guided meditation (1 hour), ends with a herbal drink. The initial first half and hour are just yoga asanas to warm up body muscles, Jarm Jong and Yin Yoga postures are used to encourage mindfulness of body as each posture is about 5 minutes long. Cost $40 .

Please check "Monthly updates" for the next session.